Home State [unedited] Music Review

The New York based band, Home State, have recently released their new stand-out single, ‘Tried To Stay’, a wholly clever pop track that will definitely impress old fans and certainly bring new ones to the fold.

‘Tried To Stay’ has every component for an amazing hit single. Frontman Alex Friedlanger delivers the lyrics with such passion and conviction, it all comes across effortlessly. Combining the electrifying synthesizers that deliver an 80’s feel but keeping the track cool and pop-centric, enveloping the listener in their encompassing sound all the while the abundant beat moves you along throughout the track unrelentingly.

“One Of My Favourite Tracks Of 2019 So Far”


Home State came together in Brooklyn in 2015 and found fast success with their critically acclaimed debut single,’ Without Your Love’, which was featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and US Viral 50 Chart. Creating a combination of rock and pop, all filtered through the band’s talents, Home State have anchored themselves deep into the US music scene as ones to watch and this most recent release will surely cement them further and spread their musical message far and wide across the country divide.

If creative, cool pop with a strong, rocking beat that hovers in the pop sphere is what you are after, look no further, you have found home. Home State are a band to get on your playlist now and get to know!

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