Scott Beckett [unedited] Music Review

Scott Beckett, the Liverpudlian singer-songwriter recently released the stand out new single, ‘Take Me Home’ from his stunning EP, Teach Me To Fly.  The assured lyrics are stratified over unhurried drifts of guitarwork and delivers an optimistic directive and something to hold onto. 

There is a fresh, straightforward message within this track and joined with such musical artistry, creates a radiant song to be appreciated.  There is plenty of adept songwriting and technically dazzling and intense delivery.  The track uses the music and lyrics ably and judiciously to evoke the right sentiment. Despite a slightly rock vibe, the track really resides in an almost folksy genre.  It is authentic and real, nothing coerced or forced but is textured, transforming without remotely being ambient.  The narrative feels honest and thought provoking.

“Unbelievably Strong Release”


Beckett describes his genre of music as ‘acoustic driven with relatable lyrics’ and the singer-songwriter brings home exactly that in his creative process.  Stating that most music that’s singer-songwriter based inspires him (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Calling and of course The Beatles, are some of the strong influences), Beckett brings those flavours to his sound.  As the listener, you are keenly aware of that injection some of those artists have made into his creative process.  However, he has taken that genre of music and made it his own, finding his way artfully into a space that he occupies comfortably and with great ownership.  You can feel that he has grown into his own here and found the right tone and temperament with the rather unplugged and almost folk atmosphere he delivers with this track.  

 There is no doubt that Scott will go far in the industry finding much love along the way, starting with ‘Take Me Home’.  If acoustic singer-songwriter is a style you are drawn to, Scott will be one to follow on the long journey he has ahead.

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