Cruel Miracle [unedited] Music Review

Cruel Miracle

There is definitely a modernized rock n’ roll feel behind Cruel Miracle‘s sound that needs to be recognized as unique. Rather it be Kim’s grunge-like-vocals, or their metal-like-guitar riffs; Cruel Miracle certainly seem to infuse the old with a new version of this genre of music. They tell me, “there is an urging sense of creativity in all of us where we can only watch someone doing something for so long before we have to do it ourselves. So all the places we have been, music we have heard, shows we have seen… They have driven us here.”

Mainly life experiences inspire CM’s music, such as actual events, emotions, or things happening to or around them. “We start with a feeling and progress from there” they tell me. Their fan base are full of “good-hearted people who love to have a good time”, and they have grown. Right now, Cruel Miracle have reached over 2k likes on Facebook, Autumn’s Burning and Five to One off of their debut album have reached over 10k listens, but What You Need (latest release) has reached almost 40k listens.

Manifesto is a mix of alternative hard rock songs and aggressive/emotion/adrenaline-driven rock songs. What You Need is a single that touches on all of those pieces all in one song. Not to mention that Kim’s voice continues to demolish the vocals, all of this takes a nod at how dedicated these guys are to their sound.

While I am impressed songs like Autumn’s Burning, What You Need, and Five to One; songs like Scene Red and Do You Owe Me? sound dragged out and too repetitive. However, these songs are only in the 2015 album and are few and far between. The rest of these songs are good, but I really love the songs I previously mentioned.

I should not overlook the band’s kid-like and fun attitudes, these guys really like to joke around with each other and seem to have a lot of fun with making music… This is so great to see as there is too much stress in the industry as it is. 

As musicians, the band’s goal is to simply grow and progress further into their industry. While it seems hard to reach, with their potential and sound… I can see them going far into the rock music industry.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Ken- Get Some

Luis- JTIN

Charlie- Banging Beauty

Right now I assume that the band are continuing to promote their music, as well as working on a second album. I haven’t spoken to the guys in a very long time, but I did promise to publish this review and I am glad that I did! 

I would like to thank Cruel Miracle for waiting so long for this review, and I am excited to see what is to come for them! If you recognize a change in this article format, well that’s because I have recently purchased the Business plan for WordPress. To be honest it seems to be worth the money :). Good night everyone!!!  

What You Need (2018)
By: Cruel Miracle

Overall: 4.5/5

What You Need: 5/5

Manifesto: 4/5

Top Song: What You Need (2018) 

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