Radio for June [unedited] Music Review

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An ambient electronic beat with drums in the background and a smooth/echo-like vocals with acoustic guitar riffs also in the background. This is what most of Radio for June‘s songs sound like… Relaxing… Calm… And peaceful, almost as if Thomas and Stephen LaVine are helping you through the emotions of each song. These songs are beautifully made and, although they can sound repetitive, be listened in moments of reflection.

Just like many artists I have reviewed in the past, brothers Thomas and Stephen LaVine always saw music as a way to find meaning in their lives. Thomas recalls beginning to play the drums at around 6 or 7 years old. They draw influences from a wide range of musicians, such as Bear’s Den, The 1975, and The Paper Kites. Thomas feels this eclectic taste of music reflects in their own productions. The boys have a got a good amount of listeners on Spotify (349 monthly listeners) and their songs have gotten a good amount of listens. Distant Days currently stands at their most listened with over 20k listens. 

“I think we just wanted to (start producing music) because we love it. But if we had to choose, probably the Paper Kites (were the reasons why we started).”

Thomas Lavine 

After listening to all of Radio for June’s Spotify music, I got to see that the boys are really not focusing too much on their instrumental sound. Don’t get me wrong, I like how they are instrumentally but it definitely sounds more geared towards vocals and songwriting. They both have perfect voices for their desired sound, and chill pop definitely seems to be working for them. My favorite songs are either Lorelai or It Was There, but Not For Me because the songs both compliment their overall sound… That being vocally emotional, complimentary drum and guitar, and electronic chill beat. I am interested to hear more songs that sound like these, because I certainly think they have driven home their ability to make good acoustic songs like Dysania and Canyons

What is your favorite song?

Stephen: Everything Can Burn

Thomas: either Miami or Lorelai

This is another article I have put off for a while now, so I don’t know where they are at with their music production wise. I assume they are still working on their songs, but seeing that they haven’t released anything… I just don’t know what they’re up to right now. I’ll keep everyone updated on Facebook and Instagram!

I would like to thank Thomas and Stephen Lavine for keeping in touch with me, and for sending me their music to review. Please feel free to like them on Facebook, and listen to their music on Spotify and SoundCloud!

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Overall: 4.5/5

Canyons: 4/5

It Was There, But Not for Me: 5/5

Miami: 4.2/5

Color: 4.5/5

Black Ice: 4.7/5

Glow In The Dark: 5/5

Where Home Is: 4.5/5

Top Song: It Was There, but Not For Me (2018)


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