Come the Spring [unedited] Music Review

It’s not too often that you find bands like Come The Spring who are so passionate about their work even with a small fan base. Rather it be Sam Caddock belting out ardent lyrics, or Simon Goodrick and David Gamage setting the hard rock background for Sam… They know exactly what message they want to say, and exactly how to say it. They have produced a sound that has evolved over time, and are still improving that sound. These guys are truly something special, because of all this.

Come the Spring tell me that they are inspired by “old stuff!” They were all in bands for a while and all played in the hardcore scene prior to creating this band. They are inspired by basically everything, “I think as writers we’re influenced by everything we hear whether we like it or not. I can hear a beat in an advert and want to crowbar it in to a track we’re working on” David tells me.

“They say if you admit it, then it’s easy to accept…”

13 Months

First things first, these guys are bold and raw… And I really like that! But they haven’t always been like that, they were at one point just like any other rock band… One-dimensional. Their debut album was Seven for a Secret (2013), Sam’s voice was miles from what it sounds like today. But this album didn’t suck either way… Yes, they were still exploring how they wanted to sound… But it wasn’t that bad. Compared to Echoes, Seven for a Secret relied more on vocals for the song’s beat and the vocals sounded more dominating then the background. In other words, the vocals seemed to slightly overpower the instrumental section of some of the songs. Two years later they came out with Revive, which sounds more like a screamo album. Discluding the last two songs, Sam’s voice sounds like he’s screaming more than singing aggressively. Maps and Home, Sick and Tired are my highlights from this album. Then there’s Echoes from last year, and what an album it is. I absolutely love their sound in this album, it’s a progressive landmark. My highlights for this album are 13 Months, Better Now, and For What It’s Worth. The band’s favorite songs change constantly, but during the time of the interview Brighton and the Blues or 24 were their favorites.

“Emotionally charged in every aspect of their musicality… massive talent, delivered with high quality, well-produced tracks.”

-Post Punk Press

At the moment, I am not sure where David and the band are at on their journey. One thing is sure, they still are loving every minute of what they are doing. They are probably continuing to write and perform. They could be releasing new music any day now, so please please stay tuned!

I would like to thank Pete Baldwin from Ambicon Music and David Gamage for the request to review Come the Spring, what a band they’ve got! I will certainly be spreading CTS’s name around social media and the UMB network, so if you like what you hear please follow them any way you can! And of course follow Unedited’s Facebook page for future updates!!

For What’s It’s Worth (2018) by Come The Spring

Overall: 4.5/5

Echoes: 5/5

Revive: 4/5

Seven for a Secret: 4.5/5

Top Song: 13 Months (2018)

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