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Sarah May on YouTube

Since the day Sarah May emailed me for a review, it has been a pleasure to talk to her. I have learned a lot more of her writing process and general things about her through what she has talked to me about. As a writer, it makes this review not only easier to write but also helps me write about more than just what I think about her music. 

I am pretty sure it is safe for me to say that mostly all musicians get inspired to make music the same way, and that is they just feel like that’s their meaning of life. Sarah adds, “there have been times when I’ve suddenly just stopped making it and I guess the inspiration to pick it up again is just that I love music so much, creating it and listening to it. It just takes you away from reality sometimes.” Typically, when something that triggers a “very strong emotion” is when Sarah gets influenced to write her songs. “It is a way of telling my story in a melodic way, rather than just ranting about it to anyone who will listen,” she tells me. She has a very diverse fan base she tells me, and she has a hard time knowing what she wants her target audience to be most of the time. “I have some very dedicated followers, who have supported me for years, and have always encouraged me to continue doing music, when I, myself, have wanted to give up,” says Sarah.

“Song writing helps me release and reveal a vulnerability that I am otherwise too guarded to often express in other (healthy) ways.”

-Sarah May (12/9/2018)

Sarah tells me that she has “a lot of talented friends” who she has been fortunate to collaborate with, and most of these musicians have had a lot of success in the industry. As a musician, she is very raw with her writing. In this way she is a lot like Kelly Clarkson, as to say she really doesn’t hold anything back during her writing process. I don’t prefer to listen to this kind of music usually because it makes me uncomfortable regardless of what is said. However, I am happy that musicians like Sarah feel comfortable being so vulnerable and open, it is certainly something I don’t think I would ever feel okay with doing. With that said, Sarah seems to have a different approach that as a casual songwriter I really am intrigued by. “The point of (Because I Turned You Down) is actually to ruffle a few feathers!… I have been performing Because I Turned You Down for many years now, so I’m aware of how shocking and uncomfortable that may feel to people -and I’m sorry to say- particularly guys. And I guess that is the whole point of it, to highlight how uncomfortable it is to be put in this kind of situation!,” Sarah remarks. The idea of making the listener feel something in one way or another seems to be a theme throughout most of Sarah’s songs, and this is mostly because all of her songs are unfortunate things that have happened to her in life. Another example is the song Nothing to You, which is about a guy Sarah was seeing for a few months but then he stopped talking to her in general. She wrote the song to mend what had happened, but also to reflect on how much she hated this continuous pattern in her life. This song, is meant to raise awareness to how frustrating this pattern is in modern day dating. Oops and Fly seem to be emotion provoking as well, but I have yet to learn more about the songs. Either way I believe this description I have provided is a good summary of her music.

“I’ve come a long way both personally and in my musical career, so I just want to continue doing what I am doing.”


Sarah wants to devote herself more into her music, “I feel like in the past I was always finding other distractions and excuses to stray away from it, probably because it can be quite painful and downright terrifying to completely immerse myself into it,” she tells me. As far as I know at the moment, I am not sure when the next single or production is to come out for Sarah. I will keep everyone updated on social media however!

I would  like to sincerely thank Sarah for the continued communication, it really helps me keep up with her musical journey! I would appreciate if my readers like my Facebook page for updates, and for you guys to subscribe to her YouTube and Facebook pages too!!! Have a nice night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAY_7526 (4)_InPixio_InPixio
Nothing to You (2018) by Sarah May

Overall: 4.3/5

Fly: 4.5/5

Oops: 4/5

Because I Turned You Down: 4/5

Nothing To You: 4.5/5

Top Song: Nothing to You (2018)

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