Oscar N. [unedited] Music Review

Photo 16-10-2018, 17 03 16

Housemania manager Martin Tharaldsen continues to send amazingly talented musicians. First it was Nikadermis, and now Oscar N. These music producers have both started from scratch, teaching themselves how to produce and make music. Both definitely have a long way to go until they reach their full potential, but don’t let that take away from how far they’ve come from the beginning. Oscar is a wonderful producer, nice guy, and a hard worker who’s releasing more and more tracks each week. I am honored to be reviewing his work and continue to keep in touch with him!

All of his life Oscar loved to listen to music, and one day he started to think “maybe I can make some on my own?” he tells me. So he did exactly that about a year ago. He began making music heavily influenced by Skrillex and Jauz, and inspired by the goal to be known throughout the world and to hopefully make a living out of music producing. Right now his fan base are mainly friends and family since he hasn’t released a lot of music, but he is still aiming high.

“I don’t want to go for the same genre so it’ll be most likely a nice mix of dubstep, bass house, house, future bass etc.”

-Oscar A. Naas (4/16/2019)

The only song I generally don’t like from Oscar’s collection so far is Liberty Cap because it just doesn’t match what he seems to sound like in my opinion. Despite the great drop, the vocals are too club-like. That’s the only song I don’t like, the other songs are good. Way to Far, Love on Fire, Private Paradise, and etc are all great tracks. The only small suggestion I have for Oscar is to try to mix up the lyrics. As a musician, typically I would want to tell a story through my music, and I am really intrigued what it would sound like if Oscar chooses to do something like this. I understand that by saying this I may be overlooking songs like Private Paradise, but in my opinion even that song sounds like a big 4-minute loop. In conclusion, I think a strength of Oscar is most definitely his drops, but his weakness can be found in how he seems to loop the lyrics in most of his songs.

“My favorite track I’m working on right now is BTFU that is a bass house track that I think will hit hard on festivals etc.”

Oscar’s plan for the future is to release more of his music, and probably getting more gigs. By Your Side will be released later next month, but Oscar is also working on an EP at the moment. As soon as the tracks are done he is planning to release them, and as soon as a few of them have been released I will update everyone on Oscar’s progress.

I would like to thank Oscar and his manager Martin for requesting this review, and as previously mentioned Oscar is releasing more and more music each week. I will keep tabs on his progress and continue to update Oscar’s progress on Facebook and Instagram. Have a good night!

Private Paradise by 2nd Life, Oscar N., and Svniivan

Overall: 4.7/5

By Your Side: 

Way To Go: 5/5

Private Paradise: 5/5

Liberty Cap: 4.5/5

Back To You: 5/5

Love on Fire: 5/5

Stay: 4/5

Top Song: Back to You (2019)

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