Nicole & Scotty [unedited] Music Review


Nicole & Scotty debut their music through YouTube in 2013, that same year they were a supporting act for Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis’s daughter). “It was such an honor to support (her) on tour. We’ve both been fans of Lisa’s since I was maybe 6 years old, and she was a huge reason behind me getting inspired to write my own songs. Lisa is such a genuine and kind person. The whole experience was so surreal” Nicole said.

 Brother and sister duo Nicole and Scotty started their musical career at young ages. Scotty started to learn and play the guitar at 10, and Nicole started to write and sing at 5. “When Scotty started composing original instrumentals, we kind of just had a light bulb moment like ‘Oh! We should combine our love of music and writing to create our own songs!’ So we wrote the first song we ever wrote together when we were 11 and 15″ Nicole tells me.

“(Our fan base) started calling themselves ‘fellow travelers’ thanks to a lyric from our first EP, and we honestly love them like family. Social media is amazing. It makes it so easy for our supporters to keep up with us, and we love to keep up with them as well.”

-Nicole & Scotty (4.15.2019)

I really enjoy N&S’s sound, and my favorite song has to be Can Be Beautiful. “Can Be Beautiful is about that fragile feeling of love in bloom. Like you know something is happening and you’re hesitant to fall, but you have to acknowledge that letting go of the fear of the unknown and allowing yourself to open up to someone special can be a beautiful thing,” Nicole tells me. Nicole’s songwriting and lovely voice shines through in this track, it’s a perfect mix of acoustic, electronic chill, and pop. I am intrigued to hear more of these kind of songs by the two.

“We wrote this song in January called ’Sweet N’ Sour’ that kinda just fell into our laps. We performed it for the first time on tour in Nashville that same month and ever since we posted a live clip of it on Instagram, people have been asking when we’re planning on dropping it.”

-Nicole & Scotty

The siblings are planning to release more music throughout the course of 2019, and probably even a 2 part EP which they’ve been working ever since they released #Queen in October 2018. They also are planning to pursue “touring around the world, releasing records that people can relate or dance to, and just making a positive impact through the messages we want to share.Rather it be writing Americana and acoustic songs, or it be pop music (which their last release fell under) they tell me the kind of music that will be released will depend on “what genre gets us super pumped up to write“.

I would sincerely like to thank both Nicole and Scotty for the continued communication they’ve had with me recently. If you like to follow them, you can do that by following or liking them on Facebook and Instagram. Also, stay tuned to our Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) pages to be updated with their future progress as well! Have a great Memorial Day and week!!!

#Queen (2018) by Nicole & Scotty

Overall: 4.8/5

Can Be Beautiful: 5/5

#Queen: 4.7/5

Top Song: Can Be Beautiful (2018)

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