Eliyya Lane [unedited] Music Review


“I believe that my music is a tool to help people be moved and inspired to love others. The only thing they have to do is accept the love that’s in their hearts already, and once they accept the love, then they are able to give love. I want all of my live shows to be so moving” Eliyya Lane says. From the moment I connected with Eliyya when her artist name was her actual first name (Sereena), I was drawn by her voice. Little did I know that literally everything about her music… From her reasons to make music to her good vibes… was all apart of a revolutionary package that is meant to bring peace to the world or whoever would listen.

Like most artists I have reviewed, Eliyya says that she didn’t really have any inspiration to make music. Instead, it was something she was drawn to at a young age. “My mom would always play Elvis Presley in the car and on weekends she would play the top 10 country countdown music video show on PBS and I loved watching it. I loved watching the artists perform on stage and sing their hearts out” she tells me. Today, Lane is a yoga teacher and an upcoming musician that is purely influenced by what comes to her. “There is no inspiration. There is no genre” says her about page on Facebook. “I could hear a trap beat and love it and create a line over it. But then I could hear a jazz beat with just piano and drums and I would love that too and want to sing over that as well. If I had to pick some influences for my music I guess I would say a little bit of Léon. There’s a little bit of Glass Animals in my songs and a lot of jazz sounds. For some reason my brain really likes those mellow chilled-out beats and electric guitar sounds” she says in expansion. 

“When you have these different genres or these different sounds in your songs, it’s hard to find that specific fan base. I will say that my target base would be men and women but I really want to speak to women who are around my age. These women are independent, hippie, free-spirited girls that are comfortable with their sexuality and open to new ideas and are not dramatic. These women are in their mid-twenties, have a good job and are down to party. LOL I guess I’m talking about myself LOL.”

-Eliyya Lane (5.27.2019)

There is genuinity and originality in each of Eliyya’s songs, and a majority of the songs have a hip-hop influence to them. “I am really drawn to trap beats even though I don’t listen to a lot of trap music. The producers that I work with and that I choose to work with have hip hop and jazz backgrounds” Eliyya tells me. I love the songwriting in each song, especially because they come from a personal place. So in conclusion, I really think a trap/hip-hop beat with personable and very honest song writing does make for good chill music. And that’s exactly what Eliyya Lane is looking to do.

“The song is called mind abuse because I didn’t know who I was last summer and I was searching for answers and during that process I was dabbling into different mind abusing things. Through the abuse I put myself through, be it depression, self judgement, self pity, etc., I found the love inside my heart that had been there the whole time and I was just pushing it deep down somewhere inside me where I couldn’t get to it.”

-Eliyya Lane

After her musician name change, Eliyya has a lot planned for the future. Her goal will always be “I want my music and I believe my music has the power to inspire people walking on this planet” she says. She has a new song and music video called Fake coming out June 14th, 2019. At the moment, she has over 6k followers on Instagram and growing, so her social media presence is growing. Her favorite song out of the 13 recorded songs that she is working on right now that is not Fake is Feelin On You… “We literally just wrote that song two weeks ago and I’m obsessed with it” she remarks.

“My plans for the future are to form new and beautiful everlasting friendships with good people who see the same vision as me and to change the world in a good way. Because I only have a short amount of time on this planet and I’ve got to make the most of it and I believe my music is the tool to help me do that. The music is just the tool.”

-Eliyya Lane

Another goal is to “tour with the music I have and spread the good news. I want to perform at every single festival across North America and spread the good news. I want people to get off their antidepressants and I want them to be inspired and find good people that they can depend on” Eliyya says.

I want to thank this amazing and awesome musician/person for staying in touch with me. She is truly a great upcoming musician! If you like what I said about her then please go follow her on Instagram and Facebook. I will keep everyone updated on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). Have a great weekend, and go Bruins!

Fake (2019) by Eliyya Lane [coming June 14th, 2019]

Overall: 5/5

Thinking About You: 5/5

Vibes: 5/5

Mind Abuse: 5/5

You Love Me: 5/5

Top Song: Mind Abuse (2018)

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