White Night [unedited] Music Review

I usually don’t use a conversation as a tool to create content for an article, but I felt the desire to experimenting. Similarly to White Nightś desire to experiment with a violin and electronic beats. All great inventions or productions come from experiments, but most of them don’t even get past that stage. But for White Night this experiment seems to have a sense of hope in it, a much needed hope after moving from San Francisco to Berlin.

Beginning as a long distance duet from San Francisco and Berlin, White Night started in 2017. The long distance lasted until this April and they now live together in Berlin, they have since been performing locally in Berlin  and on the USA west coast and released Golden Heart and the single called You. They have a small following because they have just started the band.

¨We were both classically trained musicians studying in san francisco and we talked about our favourite music in the conservatory hallway. Lizzie than send me some of her recordings and since I was producing electronic music on the side, I really loved what she send me. So we thought: Why not start a duo. It started later than when I was back in Berlin though as a long distance project.¨

-Willi Leinen (3/10/2019)

Willi and Boardman are into a duet that are a lot like them called Sylvan Esso. Willi says that his favorite album is their newest (What Now). Interestingly the two duets are not too different as they have experimented with different sounds. While I wouldn’t hesitate to say Esso are better than White Night, that is because I have a high appreciation for Sylvan Esso´s music. Other bands that they are influenced by include Fink, and Kate Bush. As for producing Willi tells me ¨we usually write the synths and the vocal melodies first. Then, add classical elements like the strings. Lastly, we try to blend them as good as possible¨ he says. In conclusion, White Night seem to have a lot of talent. I like their songs Don’t Care, Summer Love, Reincarnation, and Melodie. I am certainly looking forward to hearing more!

I really love the mix of a violin and electronic beats, itś especially broadcast in songs like Don´t Care. The unique flow of vocal melodies and classical instruments are what make White Night so different from other duets.

Willi says that after releasing a lot of their music they are now focusing on performing. ¨We want to perform more around Europe and North America. We just performed in Seattle, Oakland, and San Francisco so far never on the East Coast. We might in the summer, although” he says. I will keep everyone updated on social media when they are possibly coming to Boston, but until then keep an eye on their Facebook page if you want to see them outside of Boston!

I want to thank both Willi Leinen and Elizabeth Boardman for their request to review their music, and for being so nice to me during the process of preparing the article. Please go like their Facebook page and listen to their music on Spotify. Stay tuned to my Facebook, Instagram (@unedited_music_blog), and brand new Tiktok pages to stay updated, and jam out to our Spotify playlist! Have a nice day and enjoy the weather if you can! 

Golden Heart by White Night (2018)

Overview: 4/5

You: 4/5

Golden Heart: 4/5

Top Song: Dont Care (2019)

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