Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review


In my personal opinion, a song should never be forcefully written. Making a song should be about something that is meaningful. Now I understand all songwriters are different, and there are many or some writers that can just write a song without any personal influences. But to people who are rather emotionally creative people like Bree Lefler, music isn’t meant to be created forcefully… It’s meant to be therapeutic… “I’ve never been a formulaic songwriter, and all of my best songs have been inspired by my real, messy, beautiful life: ups, downs and all,” Bree says.

I’ve always been very creative” says Bree, who at a young age started singing Disney songs. Then found passion and love for poetry. At age 14 she learned how to play the guitar and booked her first show in her hometown of Colorado Springs. “I remember preparing for the show and looking up videos of people like Taylor Swift performing live and thinking to myself, ‘this is it.  This is what I want to do with my life.'”  Bree says she´s inspired by life and mental health. Her fan base draws a lot of dedicated inspiration from her, rather younger or older then her. Young fans are dedicated to support her music online, while her older fans really relate to her music. “While I was on tour, I talked to some people who are substantially older than me about some really deep stuff and have heard so many inspiring stories about how these people have overcome addiction, mental health issues, you name it.  It’s all very cool to be a part of,” Bree shares with me.

“I strive to make real music and that brings light to the tough s**t that we all go through but don’t want to talk about. And the fact that it’s drawing in people of all ages and backgrounds is so great.”

-Bree Lefler (7/10/19)

Bree asked for a review of Hypochondriac, and her other music. “Hypochondriac is such a multi faceted song that it’s difficult to pinpoint one thing that it’s about.” When she was growing up Bree struggled from a debilitating autoimmune disorder that would have her on the couch for weeks at a time and found it to be too personal to describe to classmates much less her school administrators, and people usually told her that it was all in her head.  “And it made me feel crazy! I neglected my health for years after that because I was worried that my pain really was just in my head. So, I took that concept of being made to feel like you’re crazy and applied it to a very toxic on-and-off relationship I had been a part of,” says Bree. The idea of the song is about a very manipulative person tearing someone else down and tells the person struggling that they’re the crazy manipulative one. This idea for a song is unique, and I find a lot of inspiration from her creations such as this song. As a song writer it can be hard to be creative with such a frustrating subject, but Bree definitely has created something that is powerful after all her years of struggling  to believe in what she was dealing with.

What is something most fans don’t know about you?

“Oh jeez, I’m kind of an oddball so there’s tons of weird stuff about me that none of my fans know.  One fun fact is that I love boxing! I used to be in the boxing gym 5 days a week and I still make my way over there whenever I get the chance!  It’s a great work out and there’s something so therapeutic about getting to punch a 100lb bag for an hour straight!”


I have very few things to say about Bree, all of it is good. I will repeat that I really draw so much inspiration from Bree after listening to her music and getting to know more about her. Her music has already touched so many people, and she should look forward to touching even more in the future. I really like the first EP she came out with towards the beginning of her musical career in 2015. Her new song called Atmosphere is a great song added to the collection. All her songs are personal, and that’s why I really like them. As a musician who doesn’t seem to mind to be open about her past I hope this is something she continues to do in the future. Now I want her to go forward with bettering her musical sound, and maybe even produce a song that sounds like a song you hear on the radio.

“(Tin Can Telephone is) definitely one of my darkest songs and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to put it on this EP.  But after sending it to some friends and sitting on it for a while, I decided that I had to record it. It’s one of my most honest songs ever and the message is so powerful.  It’s also one of my heaviest rock songs, so it’s a blast to perform live!”

-Bree Lefler

Bree says she will be coming out with another EP on August 22nd called That’s Sobriety, “I knew I wanted to make it very reminiscent of 90’s rock.  It still has some cool pop elements to it, but it’s definitely a rock record.” This kind of new direction from her pop-rock music to 90’s rock is something she’s excited about. “Some of my favorite artists are rock bands from the 90’s and early 2000’s, so that’s definitely the sound I’m diving into with my music,” Bree says. For the future, she is planning to be a full-time artist and stay true to her “artistic vision”. She just released a new single called Atmosphere that came on July 12nd. She will be headlining at The End in Nashville for my album release show. “I’m so incredibly excited to finally be sharing this project with the world” she says.

I would like to thank Bree for the request to review her music and answering my interview questions almost instantaneously. If you would like to check out Bree’s music you can by visiting her Spotify profile, and if you would like to follow her then you can find her on Instagram (@breelefler) and Facebook. For future updates, please follow our Facebook and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) pages as well as listen to our Spotify playlist to check out all the rest of the music we have already reviewed. Have a great day, and congratulations for the Apollo 11 crew who are celebrating their 50th anniversary of their moon landing!!!


Overall: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Hypochondriac: 5/5

Through The Walls: 5/5

Tides: 5/5

The Bree Lefler- EP: 5/5

Top Song: Hypochondriac (2019)

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