Rags and Riches [unedited] Music Review


Speed of Sound is definitely a hit that should be their top song on Spotify, and itś also the type of song they should consider making more of. They are the type of band that I would compare to the likes of Imagine Dragons and American Authors.

Peyton and Tanner Whitt have been playing music for a little over eleven year now as brothers. ¨We started at the same time, I remember our parents bought drums for Peyton and an electric guitar for me. Everything came very natural to the both of us,¨ Tanner tells me. Tanner also says that a lot of different things influence their songs, such as a melody or a word and then they go from there. They now have a growing fan base made up of over 3.8k likes on Facebook, over 2.6k on Instagram, and just under 15k monthly listeners on Spotify. ¨Whenever we make a new fan, it’s a lot of dedication and a feeling of ´all in´ from them. We love that about our fans!¨

¨Speed of Sound basically came from a moment where I started to feel overwhelmed with time and having no control of each moment. It’s more of an encouragement for people to take advantage of every second and never stop moving forward.¨

– Tanner Whitt (7/18/2019)

To say that I like both the original version of Speed of Sound and itś remix version is an understatement, because I probably listen to it about 3 or 4 times a day. Other great songs that I enjoy listening to are Arrival and War Cry. I do not really care for X because I just don´t understand what X stands for in the song. Tanner says that their will be more remixes in the future, which I´m happy to hear because JackELś remix of Speed of Sound is a really well produced remix and I am looking forward to hearing more remixes  like that.

What is your favorite song that you are working on?

Tanner: ¨There is a new song we recently started working on called, ´Not A Stranger´. I started writing the chorus back in 2017, so to see the song finally coming to life is such a thrill!¨

The main focus for Tanner and Peyton is to always stay relevant but to never get stuck to a single genre, so in the future they are preparing to play with different genres. They have a larger tour coming in October, ¨we will be going full-time at that point with RAGS AND RICHES. We are very much looking forward to that!¨ They also have some songs coming out between now and the tour. Those songs will be coming out at some point this month!

I want to thank Tanner for filling out my interview questions with really good answers and providing great information. Thank you as well for the kindness and staying in touch! If you would like to follow Tanner and his brother Peyton in their music journey you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and you can also listen to them on Spotify. You can follow UMB on Facebook and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog) for updates in the future, and listen to past music that has been reviewed on Spotify. Have a great weekend, and for all readers please take note that I will be on family vacation next week so there will be no article… Instead I will be relaxing and probably making poems for future open mic nights ;)!


Overall: 4.5/5

Arrival: 4/5

Speed of Sound (JackEL Remix): 5/5

Speed of Sound: 5/5

Top Song: Speed of Sound (2019)

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