Conner Cherland [unedited] Music Review


Conner Cherland taken by Court Jones Photography [IG: @courtjones_] (2018)

During a time we all are forced to #staythefuckhome (pardon my French), we all can now not only breathe… But also listen. Listen to more than what the radio has overplaying every hour… Half hour… Or say, every minute. In times like these, I enjoy listening to singer/songwriters like Conner Cherland. I also love watching Instagram, Facebook, and all the social media live concerts. If you haven’t checked out any band’s live stream, I highly encourage you to be guess what……. (It’s free ;D)!

Conner discovered his love for music and making music in the most unique way, “I’ve always wanted to write songs since I was a little kid. My mom would make up little jingles about not standing in front of the microwave when I was young,” he says. Music is magical like that, but I don’t know why his mom didn’t like his young son stand in front of the microwave… He now finds things like his personal experiences, feelings, witnessing events influence his songs although those influences affect later songs. The majority of his fan base consists of mainly middle aged people and young children, “I think the music I’ve recorded sounds very pretty, so it appeals to those groups.”

“This album is about John Still, a fictional character who has the ability to see into the future. When he realizes he can’t have the woman he loves, he makes a potion out of pheromones to make her fall in love with him. The first song takes place once the potion starts to wear off.”

– Conner Cherland (7/30/2018)

I found Conner on Instagram, where he posts mainly cover songs and his favorite cover was of Work Song by Hozier. I find that to be interesting cause Conner kind of reminds me of Hozier, especially some of the songs off of The Choices of John Still like Letters from Emily. I actually find that album to be a solid piece of work, but surprisingly that album is not the most listened to! Toad Boy which is his most recent release has stacked up songs like Let My Body Be closing in on 30k streams and other songs! Like I said, I absolutely love singer/songwriter music during times of isolation, it’s just something about a musician and their genuine music about nothing but life itself is so cool. It’s almost like they’re playing the song for you and the people who will listen, kind of reminds me of my time in the UK and Ireland. If you haven’t been there well let’s just say musicians are everywhere on the streets of Dublin and other cities, I highly encourage people like me who love music to go travel there after all this COVID stuff goes away! Oh my thoughts on Conner… He’s a great musician whose music brings back the memories I mentioned previously, that’s really all… I have nothing bad to say about him cause he’s too good for me to say anything bad.

“I want people to reconcile with the parts of themselves they find less attractive. Airing out our laundry (clean and dirty) through art is a great way to be known, and to work through difficult subjects.”

-Conner Cherland

I don’t know exactly what Conner has in store for the future because this interview is now almost 2 years ago, but I do know that he wants to collaborate with more musicians! He’s also been continuing to do 3-5 gigs per week and is always working on more songs everyday. He was also live on Facebook the other day, and I’ll try to catch him next time he goes live again so watch out for that shoutout in the future! He admits that “it gets tiring playing so often, but it also sharpens me as a performer.”

I would like to thank Conner for being patient as I was originally going to publish this article a very long time ago (meaning like 2018). But of course, I procrastinated waiting for the right moment. You can follow Conner on Instagram and Facebook. You can also listen to him on Spotify. You can follow Unedited on Facebook (@uneditedmb) and Instagram (@unedited_music_blog). You can also listen to other music reviewed by me on my Spotify playlist. Have a wonderful week, and stay safe and healthy! Remember to #staythefuckhome if you don’t have to work or anything important!


Letters from Emily feat. The Rare Occasions by Conner Cherland (2018)

Overall: 4.5/5

Toad Boy!: 5/5

The Choices of John Still: 5/5

Tell Tales: 4/5

Top Song: Letters from Emily (2018)

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