Alpha Visionz Presents “Road to Freedom” EP !!

Well versed, Alpha appeals to many.

Most people have a story to tell. The story of Alpha will have you on a roller coaster of feelings. The obstacles Alpha has experienced, gives the world such songs as “No Fear” and “Plain Jane”, songs on different spectrums of creativity. This is why Alpha should be apart of your playlists. You will experience different emotions while listening to one EP of Alpha’s. This is what the great musicians are made of.

Experiencing so many different cultures, gives the emcee flavor like none other. You can hear the passion in every verse. Yu will hear why music is Alpha’s therapy. Allows him to release the problems of the world in the booth. His message will help you when you maybe in a dark place. Alpha has tunes for every mood. Here is a little more info. on the artist. For full story visit Alpha on Instagram @Alphaneiman.

“The latest mouthpiece, to report from the front lines of “the urban war zone” that makes Hip Hop, is Danny Alpha. He is preparing to spread word on his newest projects. His consciousness and presence of mind, sets him apart from other artists. Being born and raised in Nigeria, Africa gives Alpha a different outlook on Hip Hop. Hip Hop May just be a hobby for some, but a way out for some people from Nigeria. Attending elementary and high school in the capital city Abuja Nigeria, wasn’t easy.  A lot of tough obstacles, many haven’t experienced. For those who have, they can relate to Alpha’s music. Going through these things molded him to be resilient in life, and passionate in his music. Alpha started music because it was something he did that made him happy. Then music was something he needed as therapy. Now he’s making noise with such hits as , “ NO Fear and Put Me in Coach.” It was not until, a friend told Alpha he should make music a career, that he took serious. 

Who would have thought Alpha would have went from living in Nigeria, to going to college in Malaysia, to moving to Daytona Florida, to now residing in Jacksonville Florida, and all in the name of career and self development. This is what Alpha stands for. Every Achievement is the back drop of his tracks. His life shows he won’t stop with learning and building himself up daily. Staying active with BMI, Good Vibe Tribe and World Wide Entertainment Alpha will leave a great legacy behind. Once a track is distributed to all platforms, the world can hear classical projects. Each release Alpha drops pushes towards changing the narrative of the world. Mark your calendars for Alpha’s next EP , “Road to Freedom.” Follow on social media @Alphaneiman to communicate and engage. “

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