@GyaTheArtist Gives “Walkin Lick” a Different Meaning!

“Walkin’ Lick” is not what most would think it is when they first see the phrase. If you are not from the hood, you probably wouldn’t know what “walking lick” meant. If you know what it means, than you know how hard it is to become a real “walking lick.” It is even harder to stay one. For those not street savvy, “Walking lick” is a person who dresses and probably drives a nice car, may or may not be a hard worker. It could mean different things to different people. Gya breaks down his meaning in his latest release, “Walkin’ Lick.”

According to www.urbandictionary.com, the top definition for the term “walking lick” is, “When somebody sets the-mselves up to be easily robbed. For example, Jimmy always walks around with all his money hanging out of his pockets he’s a walking lick

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. One of the most beautiful things one can create is their own destiny. Gya knows much about the struggle. It took risk and sacrifice to get to the point Gya is now. This release with Surf Spazz is just a glimpse into Gya’s lifestyle. No matter what others think a “walking lick” is, Gya knows this is his swag. If you think he is a “walking lick” he will show you that he is trained to go. Take a listen to Gya’s other dope tracks. Get to know a little more about Gya here or on Instagram @GyatheArtist.

“As an artist in the music industry, you constantly need to adapt to change, but stay true to yourself. One thing that doesn’t change in the industry is all the talent and creativity that comes from artists such as; Gyatheartist. Originally raised in Atlanta, Gya started to change the way we listen to music, by utilizing beautiful vocals and melodic styled instrumental beats, that just leave you wanting more. Listening to his latest song “Walkin’ Lick” featuring Surf Spazzin will have you driving down the street with the windows down feeling like you can take on the world.

At the age of 18 Gya started recording his lyrics and decided to take his talent further and in 2015 started his music career, thus building his presence we now know in the music industry. Gya expresses some of his top influencers being, Kanye West, Travis Scott and Young Thug and have help mold him into the Artist he is today. What has made him successful in the industry till now would be his realness, creativity for music and his hustle. In 2019 Virgina, GyaTheArtist met Surf Spazzin during a recording session and their energies just clicked. They worked closely together to create their current mixtape “Rich Vibez” that can be found on spotify, apple music, youtube, etc.

Gya’s been featured on voyage ATL, fuciousTV and big mouf media and he isn’t stopping there! We at JamzCity believe his knowledge and vision will be the key to his success, rapping about real life experiences we all relate to and changes we want to see. “Walkin’ Lick” just hits different, it’s currently out now on all platforms and will have you catching a vibe.  

“I want to be a breath of fresh air for the industry, to be quite honest I hope for positive longevity.” – GyaTheArtist”

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