by Lindsay Manfredi



I’ve been extremely anxious lately, and it’s gotten so bad that I am having an anxiety attack at least once a day for the last week.

So you may be saying to yourself, “if he’s not doing so well… Why is he even writing this article and not give himself a break?”…

Well to be honest, the reason why I am writing this article is that I am so grateful for having this book to review.

Not only am I grateful for this book, but I am also grateful for Nightfood.

I am very friendly with the Nightfood team on Instagram, and I told them a little bit about my struggle, and they said they’ll pay my next pint. Well I just had that pint, and it’s really a big reason why I am able to focus on just writing…

So shout out to them and the lovely people who run it.

Yes, I understand that this is a music blog, and in someway I am still technically blogging about music as the author of Unfuckwithable is a bassist of Cold, Lindsay Manfredi. I know… It’s a stretch, but it’s something.

Rather it is a stretch or not, I am really honored to do this review for such a successful person. I can tell Lindsay is a great person, even if she hates the New England Patriots.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Lindsay Manfredi?
  3. Unfuckwithable Review
  4. What is next?
  5. Thank you notes…
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Lindsay Manfredi?

As previously mentioned, Lindsay Manfredi is the bassist for Cold. Cold is actually her all-time favorite rock bands. In the book Lindsay touches on forgiveness, working hard to better yourself, and a lot more spiritual and self-improvement topics. It also talks about giving and not expecting anything in return.

The book came up after many spiritual and life-changing moments and realizations that changed her view of life and herself. She says that with these realizations, she has now “refuse to let the insecurities or ignorant attitudes of other people dictate who the fuck I am or what my intentions are. And I have to hold myself accountable to those same standards.”

I literally had to live the title and decide to BECOME unfuckwithable to get out of the place I was in emotionally and spiritually… Yet, during all of this change and craziness, which I am still going through, I know it has been and will continue to be, okay.

Lindsay Manfredi (page 3)

Unfuckwithable Review

I really wanted to make this article short and to the point, just so I can encourage you to read the book and garner your own feedback.

Personally, I probably will read this book again… and again… and again… and so on until it is engrained into my head, so I can be Unfuckwithable too. It is a very cool book written by a very cool person.

I find the book a great self-improvement book that all people in quarantine should focus on.

Get out there and be better. DO better, but don’t beat yourself up if you fall along the way. We all fucking fall. That’s when we can reevaluate and get back on the right track. I believe in your beautiful, unfuckwithable soul. It’s high time you did too.

Lindsay (page 222)

What is next?

There will be more books if you like this one!

Lindsay tells me that she’s working on a children’s book about self-improvement called “Don’t Be a Dickapotamaus”.

Thank You Notes

Thank you to Jameson from Godspeed PR for introducing me to Lindsay Manfredi, and thank you to Lindsay for waiting and helping me by answering some questions. You can find more information from the interview we have on Instagram under our IGTV.

Unedited Music Blog links:


Have a great week and respect each other out there. Wear a mask if your in public, we are still in a pandemic. Now go read that book!

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