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Blu Eyes

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Editorial (Introduction)

This month I have talked about a few cool people, including a book about self-improvement and a musician who is traveling the world and bettering himself every day. To finish out the month, I will touch on a song that is quickly getting close to my heart.

Just Life by Blu Eyes reminds me of an amazing Shine meditation I did during my lunch break today about loving yourself during lonely times. I really think Just Life is meant to remind yourself that sometimes things can get out of your control, and that’s just life.

Blu Eyes‘s music is really special, and it’s similar to Joy Kate where you can get lost in it but overlook the brilliance in songwriting. So don’t let that slip by you as well, or as Speedy (Get Up), don’t let that go over your head…

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial (Introduction)
  2. Who is Blu Eyes?
  3. The Inspiration Behind Just Life
  4. What’s Next?
  5. Thank You Notes…
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Blu Eyes?

Blu Eyes started making music as a natural extension of her self-expression. She grew up in a very musical family, “so I think being around it all the time at a young age was definitely a big part of what got me started,” she says.

Her fan base are all very passionate about the music she made this year, which are very deeply personal to her. “Somehow the more specific I get with my writing, the more people relate to it on a deep and poignant level,” says Blu.

Someone recently told me that my music sounds like independence and freedom, which is not necessarily sentimental, but it made me so immensely happy to hear.

Blu Eyes (11/5/2020)

Blu Eyes’ Inspiration of “Just Life”?

What is “Just Life” about? 

“‘Just Life'” is a song about everything you would say to your past self – the version of you in the middle of a really big life challenge – if you had the chance. Big problems always feel so much smaller once you’re on the other side of them, and this song is a testament to that,” Blu says.

In other words, just like everything I said in the beginning. Kinda funny how that works aye?

I genuinely love this song, and all the other songs she’s written. I would love to hear more club remixes as I think her voice is perfect for that genre.

I encourage her to stay strong and honest, as I do for basically every artist in the world. I know it’s hard to be open, hell why the f*** do you think it was hard for me to open up about some of my mental struggles last year?

But that’s the only way you get closer to your best life and recover from the past, you open your mouth and let that sh** out.

What’s Next for Blu Eyes?

I want my music to be a safe place to tell my story, wherever I’m at in life. I want it to take my listeners on a journey, but a journey where they have a very cozy place to sit and experience the ride. And most importantly, I want the lyrics to be honest and soul-bearing.

Blu Eyes

Blu is always planning to keep creating music, as well as a tour someday after the pandemic.

Hopefully she comes around to Boston?

Thank You Notes…

I would like to thank Arden from Hello PR Assistant for connecting me with the great talent of Blu Eyes.

I would also like to thank Blu Eyes for filling out the interview questions, as well as being patient while waiting for this review.

Hello PR Assistant links

Blu Eyes links

Unedited Music Blog links


So we still in a pandemic, and we should all know that we need to wear masks in public… So continue to do that!

I hope you have a great rest of the week, and remember to respect everyone!

Just Life (2020) by Blu Eyes

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