Jack Errington: Turning My Phone Off

Jack Errington

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Lately, I can’t seem to shut off my phone.

I have been consumed by so many different things and hobbies that are nothing compared to this amazing music community I have created by myself.

For the last (almost) two weeks, I have (almost) lost sight of what I am really passionate about. I hate that, and even though no one has asked me personally to apologize.

I am so sorry for that, but don’t worry I’m back.

I find it additionally so ironic that I am saying this while writing about a musician who released a song called Turn My Phone Off, because that’s exactly what I wish I did during my brief hiatus.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Jack Errington?
  3. Inspiration Behind Turn My Phone Off
  4. What’s Next Jack Errington?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Jack Errington?

Jack’s mom inspired him to get into music as a way to pursue the creative side of life. When it came to making music, Jack says that “it was always easier to talk about my feelings or experiences in my lyrics than having to feel awkward discussing it to people in person”.

Today, Jack has a “pretty transient fan base at the moment” with some very loyal fans. He says he’s very grateful for the loyal fans who follow his updates, give him feedback, and/or encourage him to keep creating.

Inspiration Behind Turn My Phone Off

When I wrote (Turn My Phone Off), I was just thinking about all the times I used to be messaging someone and having my anxiety get the best of me. When I’d get so worked up over literally nothing, creating scenarios or reading so far into things someone would say.

Jack Errington (11/17/2020)

I really like how vulnerable this song is, and it feels like a lot of millennials can relate to this song.

Jack tells me that he “would just end up turning my phone off or chucking it in a draw” whenever he was getting consumed by his phone. Then, he’d “eventually have to face whatever message I received and deal with it”.

The songs that Jack writes is very poppy. The lyrics are catchy, the beat is catchy, and the choruses stay with you for a good amount of time after. I always enjoy that about pop music, and I enjoy that about Jack’s music too.

Some of Jack’s music (including Turn My Phone Off) will be added to various Unedited Music Blog Spotify playlists, but mainly Indie Unedited.

What is the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with in your life?

It probably would have to be the passing of my mother a few years back. It’s definitely never easy losing someone, but it hit me harder because the person that was there from day one, was the one I lost.


What’s Next for Jack Errington?

Jack says he’s planning to keep experimenting sounds he developing, and is hoping he can tour and do live shows so he can connect with the people that listen to his music.

As for new releases, Jack just came out with his new EP Pain In Growth this January, along with visual content.

Next he is planning to go back to the studio to finish off more music and drop more singles hopefully more frequently throughout this year. He’s also working on collaborating with other artists and producers.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Groundwerk PR for introducing me to Jack Errington, he’s an interesting talent that has a lot of potential. Also, thank you to Jack for answering my questions, and make sure you follow the links below.

Jack Errington links

Groundwerk PR

Unedited Music Blog links


Have a great weekend, and wear a mask when you’re in public. If you want to get the vaccine then get it, respect each other no matter what… And again, have a good weekend.

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