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Shawn Matthews

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I just wanted to talk for a second about progression.

Specifically the progression of the musicians I have covered in this blog. I wanted to do this as the blog is nearing it’s 4th year anniversary.

When I begun my blog, I had absolutely no connections. And today I know over 200+ artists and music businesses. The progression I have made through the years is unlike anything I ever imagined when starting the blog.

Several of the musicians I have covered hit it big.

Svniivan, who I covered mostly on social media and have had some of the coolest conversations with, recently hit 1 million monthly streams on Spotify.

Jameo, one of the first musicians I covered in the beginning and an artist I have lost touch with but still fully support, has multiple tracks released through Proximity and garnered over 7k monthly streams.

I could go on and on, but at some point these musicians were all small and with support from me and others they have progressed so much.

When Shawn Matthews reached out to me, he was just starting and had a very small fan base.

Today, his newest release, Sunshine, has reached over 50k streams on Spotify with help from Fresh Finds: Pop Spotify playlist.

How did this happen?

Because of bloggers and music promoters like me.

That’s why.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Shawn Matthews?
  3. Inspiration Behind Shawn Matthew’s Music
  4. What’s Next for Shawn Matthews?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Shawn Matthews?

In the beginning, Shawn pulled his inspirations from Kanye West, Jon Bellion, and whatever other videos he found on YouTube. As time went on he started to try to put his own vocals on beats he made. At that point, his vocals were inspired by Bazzi, Aries, Khalid, and others.

Shawn’s fairly new to the music industry, but is building his fan base steadily. Most of the fan base are currently made up of teens and young adults.

Inspiration Behind Shawn Matthews Music

My goal is to take my music in a more alternative direction and use more live instruments such as guitars and drums.

Shawn Matthews (10/26/2020)

Shawn came to me with his song Wanna Be back in early October 2020, I loved the track and could see a bright future in his sound. That song has now almost 7k streams.

There’s a lot of cool instrumental elements in Shawn’s music, but I would like him to get more creative with his writing. I’d like his writing style to match up to some of his influences such as Khalid and Jon Bellion. It’s a high bar, but he could reach it with some creativity.

I am overall pretty excited for Shawn’s future releases, and it’ll be interesting to see how he uses live instruments in his music.

Shawn’s very stellar top 5 songs on Spotify will be added to our Indie Spotify playlist.

What’s Next for Shawn Matthews?

My goal is to take my music in a more alternative direction and use more live instruments such as guitars and drums.


Shawn has recently released his newest song Sunshine in the beginning of February. The song has seen a lot of success on Spotify, quickly becoming his most popular song on the platform. At the time of the interview his song Wanna Be was just released, and that is now his third most popular track.

There’s no known plans for releases in the near future, but Shawn will keep in touch with me and I will keep everyone updated on new material as soon as I know.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Shawn for waiting so long for this article, and I also want to thank him for keeping in touch. If you like Shawn’s music and want to stay up to date with his music then make sure you follow and like the links below.

Shawn Matthews’ Links:

The Minimalistic Music’s links:


Have a great week, and remember to respect each other no matter what. Also remember to follow public health guidelines and to stay safe when going into public.

Sunshine (2021) by Shawn Matthews

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