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Imagine a painting called The Execution. In the painting you see a man on an execution block roughly around the dark ages.

You see his face screaming as he pleas and says the woman has possessed the people in the crowd. That same woman holds an ax above his head, and that same crowd chants “KILL HIM”.

This is an image I had when listening to Crimson Child’s album (Eleventh Hour).

So why am I talking about Crimson Child? Well, for one Crimson and TIMIAN both made a ridiculously good song called Time is Running Out (2019).

The real reason why I told this story is because this type of imagery is what TIMIAN wants to do with his music… To tell a story.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is TIMIAN?
  3. Inspiration Behind TIMIAN
  4. What’s Next for TIMIAN?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is TIMIAN?

“Back in the days when I was about 12 years old, my childhood friend from the Canary Islands introduced me to FL Studio,” says TIMIAN. This is where he made his first basic song which had an “intro with the duration of a couple of minutes with the same repetitive house mamba pattern” he says.

This is where it all started, “my music was very house based and didn’t have much personal (touch) until 2 years into my career, where I found a theme of darkness and brightness meeting and fighting each other in the music,” he says.

Today, he’s got a huge fan base that cares for him deeply and all gathered onto a discord server called Monochromacy.

I don’t know where to draw a line between fans and friends in my case, because I don’t believe I have fans I haven’t spoken to yet. But if you focus on the friends fans I do know then my fan base is very caring.

TIMIAN (10/25/2020)

Inspiration Behind TIMIAN

It’s really hard to point a finger at which genre TIMIAN falls under, and I guess that’s why it caught my attention. But if I would have to call it something, it’d definitely be midtempo house with a heavy influence in telling a story.

I genuinely get entranced by the music he makes, it’s like an acid trip… Not meaning that I’ve done that before, because I definitely haven’t. Instead, I mean I imagine it would be something like listening to his music.

I can definitely see some of his songs being headlined in an electronic festival, and even promoted in an Apple or Samsung ad.

Overall, TIMIAN is an absolute mastermind and deserves to be recognized by the best. I would love to see him collaborate more, like he has been.

Maybe I’ll squeeze his music into a video someday?….

But one thing is certain, I will be adding his music into our Spotify playlists.

(The song) is the ambience and the scenery of the story while the lyrics and some carefully chosen sound effects, are the meaning. I tend to write the story down in a poem, which enriches and goes into depth of the story.


What’s Next for TIMIAN?

The story continues for TIMIAN, with a slow turn into something much more personal “and even more story based,” he says.

“Some might say that I’m begging to write with light and images with sound, as I’m trying to make it as vivid as possible. But I’m definitely not going to be doing much more Midtempo for this time around where I’m going to explore a lot further, even outside the EDM scene,” says TIMIAN.

He has recently released an epic track called Tandem, which if you haven’t checked out then definitely take sometime out of your day to do so.

For the future, TIMIAN hopes to get a manager and a team to fully support his ideas and visions he has for his future.

“I know I have the potential but I’m not good at executing it. With the team up and running I will be able to get my album Colours in Between to shine and not just die off instantly,” he says.

Meanwhile, TIMIAN will be making some more pop music with another trio he’s been starting which already has made some really good unreleased songs.

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank TIMIAN for being a good friend, and being patient for this review. If you enjoy TIMIAN’s music, please feel free to follow and like the links below.

TIMIAN’s Links:

Minimimalistic Music’s Links:


Have a great week, and remember to be respect for to everyone. Also, remember to follow your local health guidelines, we are still in a pandemic.

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