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Jacko Hooper

Brighton (UK) musician Jacko Hooper, who has toured with the likes of Foxes, Chet Faker, James Blunt, and many more, recently released his recent track This Was the Earth on March 12th. The track was recorded in his bedroom with life long friend and producer Josh Trinnaman.

Jacko says that the purpose of the song is to allow the listener, just like all of music, to have their own interpretation. To me the song hauntingly reminds me of the current times we are all living in, all we’ve been doing during this pandemic is living inside of our heads and staying inside from a world that is so scary. This song will be added to our Simply Indie Spotify playlist.

River Iris

Singer since she was 2 years old, River Iris is a graduate of UC Berkeley. After graduation, she traveled and lived in many countries where she learned their cultures, ate their food, and embraced the beauty of all the places she was in.

After releasing her debut single from her EP Bet on Your Love that was assisted by a Grammy nominated producer in early May (2020), Peekaboo is now her 4th single. I admire the production in this song, the start and stop beat is well made. I love the phrase “peekaboo with my heart.” This track will be added to our EDM Spotify playlist.


Sapienn is a solo acoustic project from Glasgow-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Scott Simpson. Originally a Metal guitarist in the Glasgow underground Metal scene, Scott started writing and producing his own music mid-way into 2016.

The song is a departure from previous works, being more up-beat, groove-based, and drawing inspiration from R&B with a strong foundation in Rock. Always interesting when you see a musician transition into an entirely different genre on their own, such as the case for Sapienn. I like the 70s mixed into this song, the guitar really grabbed my attention. This song will be added to our Sweet Treats Spotify playlist.


Scottish born, and London grown producer came out with White Wine on March 24th. The producer, known for his music for late night over thinkers, wrote the song in celebration of the friendships he made while recording in Los Angeles for a summer.

White Wine is Cyrano’s debut release inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, featuring Jazzi Bobbi (Nilufer Yanza) and has already been featured on Jess Iszatt’s BBC introducing show. I personally enjoy the New Order vibes in this song, and I am looking forward to hearing more from him. This song will be added to our Sweet Treats Spotify playlist.

Natasha Ghosh

Natasha’s newest single Paradise came out on the 26th, the song is a deep and emotional vocally lead lofi track. This covid-19 project was further made possible in collaboration with famous lofi artist Kid Kio from his home studio.

Originally a professional Dutch-Indian finger style ukulele player, Natasha Ghosh has been releasing music throughout the last year within the indie-electronic, R&B, lofi, and hip-hop genres. I’ve never actually heard of Kid Kio, but then again I don’t know a lot of lofi musicians… I like Paradise because I really like the beat and vibe of the song, well produced and I personally want to hear more music like this in my life. This song will be added to our Night Music Spotify playlist.

Sleep Walking Animals

Following the highly successful release of debut Aengus’ Fool, Sleep Walking Animals return with their next single Wild Folk on the 27th. Inspired by various literature past down to them, SWA are mainly influenced by the likes of Hozier and Fleetwood Mac.

The lyrics were written by vocalist Tom Glynn-Carney and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios London. The song eerily reminds me of Delta Spirit, a band I used to listen to when working in the fields at a farm I worked at that’s less than 5 minutes down the road from my house. This song will be added to our Simply Indie Spotify playlist.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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