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Mia Mormino

Mia Marmino

Mia Marmino released her new single Rapunzal on April 9th. Rapunzel is about Envy, the second of 7 deadly sins. She wrote the song in hopes of connecting with the millions of people who feel worthless particularly due to their appearances compared to others.

Mia’s voice reminds me of Dani Kristina’s lovely voice, and I think that’s why I love this song. It absolutely pains me that beautiful women worldwide think like this, and I hope this song touches them in a special way. The song is apart of project Mia’s working on for 2021 called The Seven Deadly Sin-gles, and I will happily be covering the rest of the seven singles.



Paperwing released their third single from an upcoming EP Prism, The Fall (Waterfall, Pt. 2) featuring Lonely Dear is a remake of Paperwing’s old song Waterfall. The acoustic pop song is duet of Emil Svangangen (Lonely Dear) and Paperwing.

Emil’s voice is so beautiful, and sets the tone for the remake. Almost as a response to Emil’s verse, Paperwing returns with powerful vocals. This masterpiece ends with a soaring battle between the two voices, truly making this a ballad.

Carina Torres

Carina Torres

Carina Torres came out with The Way We Exist on the April 9th. The song is a beautifully vulnerable indie-pop ballad written and produced by Carina herself.

The song contains honest and raw lyrics that are complemented by a compelling melody and vocals. This song appeals to me because of the production that is so well done, I am amazed that this talented musician created every part of this song.

Anoma Lee

Anoma Lee

Originally from Brussels, Belgium, now UK-based Anoma Lee recently released her song Far from Home on April 2nd. The singer finds her inspiration through the likes of Ry X, Billie Eilish, and many more.

I love the song because of it’s originality. I can’t really think of a similar sound to this song, it’s really a cool production. Oh, did I mention she is also a composer AND producer?… Oh, well she’s that too.

Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls released their song Death by Suffocation on April 2nd. The dark and big bass song has a trip hop beat leading into a raw energetic chorus.

This song dig deeper into their rawest sound that is about addiction and how it can drag a person down. The song is so powerful, and I personally love the message in the song. I think this is a perfect song for fans of Massive Attack.

Luke Lanzon

Luke Lanzon

Luke Lanzon just released 46 on April the 10th. The track is his second overall release, and Lanzon co-produced the track alongside audio engineer Elijah Lucas who he found on Craigslist and has been working with since 2018. It was then mastered by Kramer of Shimmy Disc Records.

The track would appeal to fans of The Shins, Tame Impala, and probably even Weezer. I like the modern Beach Boys vibe to it, and the track definitely falls between surfer pop and dream pop.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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