Adolf Slizzy : Music Review

Ultimately, most artists do not seem as if they are true to what they make songs about. Some seem to just only make music for entertainment purposes only. Which is part of it. Then we come across artists like Adolf Slizzy better known as itz.Dolf. This emcee is filled with versatile content. His content will keep you dancing, thinking, laughing all in a days time of being a fan. Don’t just liste to his music. Dolf also has a youtube channel, that is a must see. Dolf’s such songs as “Dough” is a vibe. The video makes the track that much more relatable and memorable. Check out more on the emcee here:

The latest mouthpiece, to report from the front lines of Charlotte, NC , is Rapper ItzDolf. He is preparing to spread his newest releases. His consciousness and  mind set, sets him apart from other artists.  Dolf, makes music for the past, present and future.  The results of the streets is heard in every track. Dolf grew up in Kinston, Nc the typical young black rapper life,the hard way. As a kid coming up, he knew he would be the one to change generational curses in his family. He used his vision as fuel for his future music career. He became interested in music at an early age, but never knew how to start until a friend Tavon showed him. Tay had his own studio already and that’s where Dolf started.  In the music industry so far, there a lot of people Dolf respects, but he does not look up to anyone. He prides himself in not being like any other rapper in the game.
Through the years he stayed real, relevant, and resistant to the haters. In just a short time, Dolf has made a name for himself, on social media and streaming platforms.  A smash in the streets, clubs and in his market.  Dolf remains to release great content, after great content. Even against all odds, in a race against time, where nothing is set up for you to make it. However, with Dolfs infectious sound, experience and mind state, success is on the horizon for the rapidly rising star. He continues to make major moves to this day with his creative projects. Follow his Youtube : Itzdolf – YouTube

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