Mark Westberg| Ghost

Mark Westberg

Table of Contents:

  1. Who is Mark Westberg?
  2. Ghost by Mark Westberg Review
  3. What’s Next for Mark Westberg?
  4. Links

Who is Mark Westberg?

Mark Westberg is a graduate of the performance arts from Santa Fe University of Art & Design in Spring 2014. They then went on to receive a certificate from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in the summer 2014. Originally grew up in Seattle, WA, Mark now lives in Santa Fe. They began their career at an early age in theatrical productions, going on to write and produce music as a teen and has been performing ever since. They are on the autism spectrum, pansexual and gender-fluid, as well as a director on Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance in the US State of New Mexico.

Ghost by Mark Westberg Review

In Mark’s words, Ghost is “a metaphorical and personal reflection if internal struggle, and touches on how gradually healing from pain and past conflict is not always the easiest of journeys,” they say. The song is very relatable and should speak to many if not everyone who listens, I admire this element.

What’s Next for Mark Westberg?

It is currently unknown what and when the next releases are coming out. But follow their links below to stay up to date on their progress! Have a great day and be safe and respectful to each other.


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