Ivy Ash | Rain Again

Ivy Ash

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Ivy Ash?
  2. Rain Again by Ivy Ash Review
  3. What’s Next for Ivy Ash?
  4. Links

Who is Ivy Ash?

Ivy Ash grew up in the Midlands (UK), moved to London in her late teens, France in her early 20s, and now is living in the UK. Ivy is a strong supporter of positive mental health, having started to make music to help her express her struggles and overcome anxiety. Ivy has been working hard on her craft for the past two years, and has gained many achievements as a songwriter. These achievements include international radio play, and BBC Music Introducing’s Tune of the Week.

Rain Again by Ivy Ash Review

Following the successful debut single Oops, Ivy returns with her second single Rain Again. Focusing on reflection and self-empowerment, Ivy explains that the single is about breaking bad habits and finding oneself. Rain Again continues her Duo Lipa-like style that she showed in her debut single, and I really dig her passion and empowering vibe. Both of her songs will be added to our Energy and Sweet Treats.

What’s Next for Ivy Ash?

There are no known plans that I know of at the moment for the future of Ivy Ash, but follow and/or like the links below to stay up to date for her upcoming releases.


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