Cross-Channel Music | Bygone Days

Bygone Days by Cross-Channel Music

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Cross-Channel Music?
  2. Bygone Days by Cross-Channel Music
  3. What’s Next for Cross-Channel Music?
  4. Links

Who is Cross-Channel Music?

Cross-Channel is the indie pop-folk project of French London-based singer songwriter Pierre Lassegues. Although his music style is undoubtedly indie, it also covers a wide range of mood and genres. This includes similar styles of The National and Father John Misty, while others are more upbeat and playful. Lyrically, Cross-Channel Music combines a combination of poetry and wry humor.

Bygone Days by Cross-Channel Review

Bygone Days is the second release of Cross-Channel Music, an eclectic nine-track that includes glimpses of 90’s indie music. The music collection has music that spans across the variety of lo-fi folk and upbeat synth pop to melancholic ballads and raw garage rock.

The songs were written in Paris between 2000 and 2012 and were mixed and mastered by Robin Dawne and Loys Couet in February and March 2021.

What’s Next for Cross-Channel Music?

The next release Butter On Hot Toast is set to be released on September 10th along with the album, and followers should expect to hear a raw blues rock track that ends in romantic crooning.


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