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Joe Skylark


According to Google (driven from Oxford Languages), hedonistic is an adjective meaning “to engage in the pursuit of pleasure or sensually self-indulge”.

Some major forms of hedomism that we are all familiar with are drinking and dancing.

Joe Skylarks recently stated that his new song “I Don’t Know Myself” is about “that feverish love you feel with your significant other while you’re on a hedonistic night out together” and that the song was basically born from wanting to be back on a dance floor, a feeling that many are missing right now.

Now for some this may not be true – for me the last place I want to be is a dance floor… But that’s just because I don’t have a significant other… YET!

But I guess that hedonistic need can relate to anyone or anything… For me it might be meeting and talking to someone of the opposite sex or a night out at the bar. It may not be a sensual night of dancing, but it’s truly something I’ve been yearning for…

What’s your hedonistic fantasy?

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Joe Skylark?
  3. I Don’t Know Myself by Joe Skylark Review
  4. What’s Next for Joe Skylark?
  5. Thank you Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Joe Skylark?

Joe has been involved in the Irish music scene for over 10 years as the lead singer of Heroes In Hiding. Now, he is branching out into his own solo music. His new path was born out of the desire to blend his love for EDM with singer-songwriter elements.

His major influences are The Chemical Brothers, Talking Heads, Frightened Rabbit, Phoebe Bridges, and many more.

I Don’t Know Myself by Joe Skylark Review

When listening to this single, I feel like I’m being transported back into the 80’s.

I don’t necessarily love the 80’s, but the musical and lyrical elements of this song resonate with me and create that slight twinge of nostalgia.

What’s Next for Joe Skylark?

This single follows his debut single, “Everything Is Happening”, and there’s more to come for sure… But at the moment, that material is still in the works.

Follow and like the links below to stay up to date with Joe’s musical future.

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Joe for sending me the material ahead of the single release in order to get this article published. I am looking forward to seeing where his solo career goes from here.


Joe Skylark

The Minimalistic Music


I hope you have a good rest of the week, and remember to respect each other and to treat others the way you want to be treated.


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