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Corinna Jane

Corinna Jane
Credit: Alexander Lamb

Corinna Jane came out with her most recent pop-rock EP, Queen of Wands, on November 5th. This EP was recorded and produced in Rome with help from Francesco Arpino.

I love the piano pop, which is probably the best way to describe these tracks. I love Corinna’s voice in these songs, it is very original and unique. I would recommend her tracks to fans of modern pop country.


On the Radio (2021) by Iuliano

Critically acclaimed Italian producer Iuliano came out with their newest single, On The Radio, on October 15th. On the Radio is his first single off his upcoming EP, De-Algorithm.

This a great 80’s indie pop throwback track, I love the production that is elusive and sonically unique to Iuliano. This is great for fans of Radiohead, and any sonic indie pop band from the 1980’s.

Bailey Tomkinson

Bailey Tomkinson
Credit: Natalie Michele

Independent UK singer-songwriter Bailey Tomkinson came out with Skin on December 10th. At the time of release, the song reached #3 in the UK iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts.

Not too hard to see why this song was placed so high on a UK iTunes chart, it’s got good production and a beautiful voice that compliments everything. This song is great for fans of Fiona Apple, and any great female singer like Fiona.

Moon Walker

The Hollywood Machine (2021) by Moon Walker
Credit: Gabriel Mendoza

After the successful release of their debut album, Truth to Power, Moon Walker come out with their newest single, The Hollywood Machine, also on December 10th. Los Angeles based duo expand on their groovy blues rock that helped them gain attention worldwide.

These guys are unstoppable, I love the faded lyrics mixed with upfront and catchy vocals. This is probably their best single so far, and would attract any garage rock fan.


Credit: Ashlea Bea Photography

Foxxglove has recently released her 3rd single, High on Hope, on December 10th. The Cardiff musician returns to the music scene with a more positive and upbeat alt-pop rock track that will close out her releases of 2021.

What a talent, it’s clear to me that Foxx is a musician to watch. Great for fans of Lana Del Rey, this song deserves the attention of millions of listeners across the world.

Blair West

Blair West

NYC singer-songwriter and ex-corporate worker Blair West has recently released her debut EP All this to Say. This uplifting tear-jerking love letter was written after a dream, and has seen success on YouTube with over 10k views.

This is a great acoustic song that would sound really great at a fire pit, and I love the vulnerability in the song too. This is a great single for fans of acoustic music.



UK producer dwowdo came out with Save Me on the 10th. In their words, the song is about “not wanting people to see you upset but at the same time wanting to be saved”.

I love this song and it’s message, it’s unique and well produced. This probably my favorite song of the bunch, great for fans of dark pop.

Priya Francis

Priya Francis

Melbourne singer-songwriter Priya Francis came out with Swimming on November 26th. Similarly to Save Me, Swimming talks about wanting someone to look after her but also wanting to be alone and independent.

I’ve always had a weak spot for Australian talent, and Priya is no different. Perfect for fans of pop female musicians like Alessia Cara, I think this song right up their with one of my favorite songs this year.

Julius Frank

Julius Frank

Swedish musician Julius Frank has recently released his newest album Elsinore on 7/3/2021. With a pair of SM57’s amplifier and an old tape recorder, the raw and honest debut album was made over many years.

Sometimes you just need honest and raw music that is good for the soul, and that’s exactly what Julius provides in this album. Great for fans of Tom Wait, Tallest Man on Earth, and other folk artists of the such.

Ally Cribb

Bigger (2021) by Ally Cribb

Canadian singer-songwriter released Bigger on the 10th. Ally wrote the song thinking about the things she wanted to accomplish in her life, and the want to fulfill her dreams.

This song is my new motto, it’s a really uplifting and powerful song that will lift anyones spirits. This song is great for fans of uplifting pop music.

Mia Mormino

Mia Mormino
Credit: Roman Wasn’t Built In A Day

The wonderful Mia Mormino has released another single from her Seven Deadly Sin-gles, this one is Building Blocks. This single focuses on the sin of Sloth, a dark and spooky song that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who is attracted to the haunting cover art and vocals.

This is another great campfire song, especially for Halloween. I love how Mia paints a scene in all of her songs, and this song is just another cinematic masterpiece. Great for fans of cinematic music, and artist of the likes.



Chicago based Flowerbabe released their new single The Moon on November 11th. Flowerbabe is creates and produces all of his songs from scratch, and says this is his favorite single so far.

This is yet another great 80’s throwback track, Flowerbabe is a great talent for making this straight from scratch. Prior to this song I have yet to here dream pop mixed with bedroom pop, and I will say I love the mix.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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