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It feels lovely to share my love for this kind of music. Moreover, to establish that you are a fan of the band’s work, you must know all you can about them, including their musical preferences and coordination. According to the 5ON5, their music is “a little different, a little naughty, and a little bit different.” Their music reflects their upbeat demeanor, and the lyrics are genuine and relatable to their listeners. With each new interaction with musicians of all types in the music industry, it becomes more evident that today’s music is unlike anything heard by any previous generation.

Table of Contents:

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is 5on5?
  3. Runaway by 5on5 Review
  4. What’s Next for 5on5?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is 5on5?

Young Berlin music project 5on5, consists of four musicians that have come together to create something magical. The group is made up of two vocalists (Max and Yumin) and two rappers (Maxx and $inan).

Their influences consist of hip-hop and pop music that draws together the musical influences of all four group members.

Runaway by 5on5 Review

Max and $INAN have been developing songs for their new EP for the last year, which the trio then gathered together to record. The first single is “Runaway,” a ‘maxi-single’ that includes both the original version and a special party remix. Steve van Velvet produced the drums, while Hansol Cho played the keyboard. Jeson Huang mixed and mastered both songs.

The music is positively catchy, with a fantastic up-tempo rhythm that falls in between dubstep and EDM, while the beat forces our hips to move. The tune begins with a basic piano motif, followed by a dominating pulsing bass line that establishes the track’s foundation. 5ON5 progressively overlays a rich palette of swirling synthesizers, gorgeous piano notes, sharp percussion, and edgy surf guitars throughout the song, creating an appealing world immersed in vibrant textures and sounds.

However, as impressive as the instruments are, the four members’ diverse voices and lovely harmonies are the true highlights. Max’s reverberated vocals are generally performed in a higher range just below a falsetto, giving his lines an enigmatic, even extraterrestrial feel. $INAN mumbles his lines, then sings the chorus, “Would you run away from me, away with me, away with me, would you go away now?” in near-perfect harmony with Max, Yumin, and Maxx B.

With “Runaway,” they explore a fusion of genres. The music is carried along by its catchy, joyful rhythm. The genre-blending, including pop, EDM, hip-hop, and indie rock, results in a sound that defies simple description. The vocal treatment contributes to the song’s neon-hued magnificence, with the minute complex elements seeming positively joyful to witness. Everything has a soft futuristic feel since the song’s chaotic, unpredictable nature ensures that nothing stays steady for an extended period.

The song does not spend any time getting started, as the tune begins to move immediately. Numerous embellishments join the melee, sometimes evoking the thoughtfulness of the Postal Service’s equally happy production. Like their production, 5ON5 ensures that it all comes together in a crazy ecstatic manner, as it is brimming with vitality. The voyage, which is full of unexpected twists and turns, has an aura of authority due to how it washes over the listener. The lyrics are well crafted, and the beauty of his word choice lends an air of warmth and welcome to the whole. It seems to rupture at the seams throughout the piece. They conclude the EP with an inventive party mix that ends on a jubilant note.

“Runaway” demonstrates 5ON5’s incredible ability to create hooks from various techniques,

culminating in a distinctive voice. The fascinating animated movie depicts the band members wandering through terrain at different times of day and night, evading danger and eventually emerging free and into the light.

What’s Next for 5on5?

After their recent release of Runaway, it is unknown what is next for 5on5. But that doesn’t mean they’re done… In fact, they are just getting started.

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Thank You Notes

I would to thank Max for patiently waiting for this review and supporting the blog on IG, I truly appreciate the support. Make sure you follow and like the links below if you enjoy the tremendous work that Max and 5on5 make.


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Runaway by 5on5

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