Musosoup| January 2022

Cat Calabrese

Cat Calabrese
Photo credit: @j.bartholomew

Cleveland pop singer-songwriter Cat Calabrese came out with her 7th single in 2 years, Mine. Cat started her solo music career as a way to regain her power and begin fighting back against her trauma in a healing way

This a powerful song that definitely stretches Cat’s vocal range, that she certainly conquers. Her drive to make music in a therapeutic manner is inspiring, especially to me.

Callaghan Belle

Callaghan Belle
Photo credit: Lila Bell Seeley

Detroit-based producer and singer-songwriter Callaghan Belle released her new song Strings today. This extremely talented songwriter has also wrote with musicians like Jojo, Colbie Caillat, and more.

I absolutely love this song! This song is authentic and unique. I feel like many people can relate to the song allot since it’s about moving on from toxic relationships, which many people like me have come out of.

Sonja Midtune

Sonja Midtune
Photo credit: Michelle Lanning

Vocalist Sonja Midtune has released her live track October on January 14th. The live track features Justin Glasco on piano and Brandon Walters playing the electric guitar.

If the name Brandon Walters sparks interest, then I’m guessing you’re a Lord Huron fan. For those who don’t know what I mean, well Brandon is the guitarist for Lord Huron. Besides this, this song is beautiful and although I don’t usually talk write about live tracks, I knew I had to for this one.

Yon Idy

Yon Idy

Macedonian singer-songwriter Yon Idy came out with his new song In Time on January 11th. Idy has been surrounded by music all his life in his hometown of Skopje, pulling influences from Muse, The Beatles, and Leonard Cohen.

I like the wonderful voice encaptured by Yon, and I want to listen to more of his music. I can clearly hear the Beatles influence, and that’s something hard to find now a days.

Francesca Guerra

Francesca Guerra
Photo credit: Crescent Creative

London-based singer-songwriter Francesca Guerra came out with her new single Summer on January 14th. Originally based in Rome, this is the first of single of a series that were written during the 2020 lockdown. It is about feeling lonely.

This ambient-toned dream-pop style song is complex, just like it’s meaning which is definitely more than about feeling lonely. Lockdown was hard for everyone, especially Francesca and it is felt in this song.

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