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The song’s music video shows the band’s perseverance as they face harassment from a herd of oranges, which finally leads to a flurry of citrus-directed violence. Whether this is a metaphor for anything more significant or just a remark about the band’s least favorite fruit, it makes for a fascinating companion piece to the tune.

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  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Smallpools?
  3. Life of the Party by Smallpools Review
  4. What’s Next for Smallpools?
  5. Thank You Notes
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  7. Conclusion

Who is Smallpools?

Smallpools is a 2013-formed American indie pop artists that specializes in synthpop. Aside from Sean Scanlon, Mike Kamerman, and Beau Kuther, members of the band include: Mike Kamerman, from Marlboro, New Jersey, and Sean Scanlon, from Verplanck, New York, have been performing in different bands since 2007, and their first song, “Dreaming” peaked at number one on The Hype list. After migrating to Los Angeles to advance their musical careers, they met Joe Intile and Beau Kuther, born and raised in Oregon. The band, who collaborated with the producer duo Captain Cuts, published their first song, Dreaming, on the internet. The song was published as the group’s first single after the release of their first album. It was featured on the FIFA 14 soundtrack as the song Dreaming. Aside from that, the band has performed twice at Firefly Music Festival, drawing big and enthusiastic audiences in both 2014 and 2018 performances. Smallpools went on two sold-out headline tours in 2015 in support of their RCA debut album ‘LOVETAP!’. The LOVETAP! Tour and The American Love Tour were both sold out. On their ‘Connect the Dots’ tour in 2017, Smallpools toured alongside MisterWives, and in 2018, they co-headlined the ‘Spring has Sprung’ tour with Great Good Fine Ok and Great Good Fine Ok. On their ‘So Social’ tour, Smallpools played to packed houses at venues such as the 930 Club in Washington, DC, the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, and the Bluebird Theater in Denver in 2019. Smallpools wrapped out the year by opening for Third Eye Blind on their “Screamer” tour in support of the band.

Smallpools’ path has been a difficult one. The band first signed with RCA, but Scanlon and his comrades felt that they were not given the creative freedom they desired. The band soon signed a contract with the “artist-friendly” company Kobalt Music Group, with whom they released many singles and a handful of EPs. Smallpools’ sophomore album, Life in a Simulation, was released independently and is the band’s first to do so. The quality of the band’s music, on the other hand, has not decreased since they left RCA. Some of Smallpools’ most famous songs, such as fan-favorite “Passenger Side” and “Million Bucks,” which has had over 44 million listens on Spotify, were written soon following the band’s departure from the label. Smallpools’ composition approach is very collaborative and entirely in shared studio sessions with its collaborators. The band members have discovered that they are better off composing together than they are writing alone. The band incorporates all of their life experiences into their music to get the most authentic sound possible. In all the ups and downs of the band’s path to becoming the recognized indie-pop group today, Smallpools has managed to maintain its composure.

Life of the Party by Smallpools Review

Smallpools, a Nashville indie rock band, released their joyful song “Life of the Party” to a rousing response from its followers at the beginning of June. It follows their most recent song, “Science Fiction,” and it serves as an excellent preview of their forthcoming second studio album, Life in a Simulation, released on October 15. Although the song’s distinctive indie-rock guitar riffs are layered over snappy electronic rhythms, the song’s lyrics are about paranoia and a romance gone wrong. “Life of the Party” results from the creativity that can blossom even in the most trying of circumstances. In this particular case, the tornado occurred in March 2020, which was followed by the COVID-19 quarantine. With the title “Life of the Party,” this alt-rock hit screams “summer is here!” and is bursting with the group’s distinctive electro-pop infused melodies and addictive soundscapes that have become synonymous with them.

The new tune Life of the Party, on the other hand, is the one that Scanlon is most thrilled to perform live. He believes it can do the band’s first-ever hit song, “Dreaming,” in terms of commercial success. Two topics on the minds of Smallpools members during a recording session are how their songs will translate live and how they will serve as the soundtrack to their listeners’ daily lives. In order to make people’s days better or to help them get through difficult times, Scanlon and his bandmates attempt to produce music that does just that.

What’s Next for Smallpools?

The band has also announced their upcoming national US Tour Dates. Make sure to like and follow the pages listed below to get notifications of any new changes or music announcements that may be made.

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Smallpools for patiently waiting for this review and for their constant communication. I want to thank Kimberly High for providing me with the information I needed to publish this article. I like their content, and I am looking forward to seeing and hearing what they have planned for the future.


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