Musosoup Features | February 2022


Photo Credit: Diane Penner

Penner came out with her third single of the year, I Think I’m Haunted, on February 6th. Delicately balancing sadness and optimism, Penner wrote the timid exploration of feelings of hope and love that was written and recorded during the pandemic.

I love the hauntingness of the song, and the lullaby melody makes you want to sway along with the song. Penner voice is so unique, and is so perfect for this song. It definitely deserves to be in a psychological thriller.

Savanna Blu

Savanna Blu
Photo Credit: Austin Massie

Singer-songwriter and performer Savanna Blu is coming out with her newest single, Something to Cry About, on the 25th of February. The song throws some hard truths surrounding love in this new single, the first she’s come out with in over 6 months.

This such vulnerable song for such a young girl at 18. The vulnerability doesn’t only deliver it’s own punch, the feelings and emotions behind the song throw in their own punches as well.

Jack Demeo

Jack Demeo
Photo Credit: Haleigh Bowers

LA-native Jack Demeo recently released his newest track, Coyotes, on January 13th. The single is a special one to Jack, mainly about trying to find a place in the world.

WHY ISN’T THIS DUDE BIGGER THAN HE ACTUALLY IS?! Like seriously his music is so good, but like he deserves more recognition. I guess you just got to follow on all my socials and subscribe to this website to see what I can do for him ;).

Moon Walker

Photo Credit: Madison McConnell

Guitarist/vocalist Harry Springer and drummer Sean McCarthy of Moon Walker are coming out with their newest single, Doombox, on February 25th. The single represents whatever destructive thing you find comfort in.

Hard hitting is the name of the game for Moon Walker, and you already know that if you’ve read past reviews of them from me. This is honestly my favorite song I’ve heard from Harry and Sean, and I want to encourage them to continue to be creative and bad a$$.


Photo Credit: (C) Sonsounds

5ON5 released their newest song, Don’t Dance, on the 7th of January. The song is a sneaky dance song that gives you cozy feelings. The song already 300 in the German radio charts.

This song is so techno, a new song I made up in my own brain. It quite literally brings you back to the disco days, which you won’t find too many songs like these days.

Eva Snyder

Eva Snyder
Photo Credit: Jesse Ditkoff
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Nashville native Eva Snyder came out with her new single Boy, Cry on the 4th. The single displays a lighter and more honest side of Eva, talking about a break up that both him and Eva never wanted to happen.

After being single for 4 years, I very much know what heartbreak means… And this is the perfect example. I love this and really appreciate Eva’s vulnerability in this song.

Only Bricks

Only Bricks

Santa Monica native indie pop duo Only Bricks came out Smile, It’s Over:) on January 27th. Corporate America sucks, and this song bids farewell to vocalists Anne DiGiovanni’s last day stuck in her cubicle.

What a plot twist, I initially thought this was a break-up-with-a-toxic-ex song! I struggled with finding my ideal job as well, and I am happy to say I have found it. This song definitely gives me a new perspective in musical meanings overall.

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