Musosoup Features | February 2022

Finch Faux

Finch Faux
Photo Credits: Sian Stacey, Kasey Urmia

Finch Faux of Melbourne (AUS) has released her fourth single Humbly Hollow, on December 17th. The song lyrically explores themes of identity and facade while capturing something dark and haunting, with a simultaneous uplift.

This is a very unique and different side of electronic pop I’ve never really heard before yet, I welcome it into my ears. A very good trip-hop/art pop song isn’t too easy to find these days and I feel like when I do, my ears perk up like my dog does when he hears the refrigerator door open.

Carina T

Carina T
Photo Credits: Paolo Benetazzo

Carina T came out with her newest single The End, on December 17th. The song is about being imprisoned in a state of inaction and denial and the music video is a tribute to women who suffer from domestic violence.

On average, nearly 20 people die from physical abuse. 1 in 3 women have experienced severe or some form of physical violence by an intimate partner… I could go on but that would take a lot of time to stack up all the domestic abuse statistics. All-in-all, what Carina is standing up for in this song is something that all people should stand for. Carina has done this in a very powerful way.

First Frontier

First Frontier
Photo Credit: Paul Stafford

UK native First Frontier came out with their new song Insist, on February 11th. Unlike most love songs, Insist is about being a better person for someone you love.

I love the guitar bridge in the beginning of the song and the vocals do a great transition. I love the saying that goes “You can only love others if you love yourself.” and I feel that’s what this song stands for.

Fintan McKahey

Fintan McKahey
Photo Credits: Kate Bean (@katebeanphoto)

Irish singer-songwriter Fintan McKahey came out with his newest single Amber, on February 11th. This is a delicate indie/folk love song that was written after he got the unexpected news welcoming him into the realm of fatherhood.

Fintan’s deep vocals adds a layer of intimacy into this song. I feel like it’s a special song to him and I truly don’t have anything bad to say about it.


Photo Credit: Adrien Combes

London based H A Z E released her new single Shadow, on February 2nd. Shadow is about a love so deep, that the person gets lost into someone else and past the point of no return.

I love that this song that rounds out February’s Features. Shadows is relatable but it also illustrates a dangerous spiral of events away from one’s self. The vocals are beautifully woven into waves of different synth pop and it almost makes you want to fall in love and get lost in it.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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