Musosoup Features | March (2)


Photo credit: Gearoid Peggs

Ireland/London and two piece electronic indie band Martellos released their debut track Card Tricks, on March 9th. The bass-driven song is separated into 3 different sequences of events at a house party.

The song really reminds me of the Arctic Monkeys and that’s a big compliment because I’m a big AM fan. I would totally be down to review more Martello’s songs in the future and I won’t hesitate to put this on my list of musicians to watch this year.

Ema Sid

ema sid
Photo credit: ema sid

Maryland-based lofi singer-songwriter Ema Sid released her debut single The Letter, on February 3rd. The song has been getting lots of attention and already streams on both Instagram and Spotify.

Ema wrote the song as a letter confession to a lover. The song has deservedly raised a lot of attention, probably because of it’s flawless production and vocals. I would put this artist on one to watch as well. She’s a great addition to the music industry.

Bronte Horder

Bronte Horder

Australian-based musicians Adam (Cali Satellites), Leo Gaurdo, and Bronte Horder came out with their newest release Only The Good Ones EP, on March 4th. The song is a part of a new project and talks about the power of words.

I really like Bronte’s voice in these songs and the production is smooth and club-like. I would like to see more of an eclectic collection of music but overall, it’s a nice EP either way.

Mia Mormino

Mia Mormino
Photo Credit: Levi Jawara

LA-based singer-songwriter Mia Mormino is back with her stellar newest release Alternate Reality, that was released on March 4th. Mia has been promoted a lot on TMM and this is probably one of the most unique tracks that has been talked about on this website.

Just like most of the world, when sh*t hits the fan, Mia escapes into her alternate reality. I don’t know what that reality looks like but I can imagine it is just as bada$$ as this song that hits hard. The only criticism I have is that I just wish it was longer because I would totally bump to this for a good 5 minutes.

Yael Lanciano

Yael Lanciano
Anna Azarov Photography

Phoenix-based singer-songwriter Yael Lanciano came out with her newest release Back to Love, on March 11th. This track was inspired by a friend who was going through a difficult time and her personal struggle being a single woman during the pandemic.

The uplifting and comforting song serves as a reminder for self-care. That is probably the most important thing one can do for themselves. I love this song’s production and message and I will definitely do some self-care today because it’s TMM’s 5 year anniversary!

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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