Musosoup Features | March 2022 (3)

Maya Yenn

Today at 8AM, London-based artist Maya Yenn released her newest music video How Much Sadness Can You Swallow? The music video was not only fully directed and written by Maya, but it follows the story of a woman dedicated to alien invasion.

This is a very cool and well produced music video that you need to see before you get captured by an alien or something. I struggled to believe that a sword would be the ideal weapon to end an alien invasion at first, but the ending made more sense to me.

Ollie Twohill

Australian alternative pop singer-songwriter Ollie Twohill came out with his newest release Silk Dress on February 24th. The song is a story of a young musician following her dream in pursuit of success.

This one-man band reminds me a lot of the group King Calaway that I’ve covered in the past. It’s got a catchy beat that should attract many listeners. I give him a lot of credit for his talent, because he doesn’t only play the guitar…

He also has one foot on a stomp box, and another looping the guitar and high-hat cymbal. Very impressive.

Nobody’s Wolf Child

South East (UK) came out with their third release called Lost Among the Pines on March 11th. This is the last release of the first trilogy in Nobody’s Wolf Child’s music collection. It has captured the attention of blogs and fans across the world, garnering thousands of streams.

Dark and cinematic pop songs always scream “Game of Thrones” which makes absolutely no sense, considering I haven’t seen a full episode yet. This release does this and more and I truly appreciate when musicians make these kind of masterpieces. I just wish the song was longer.

Laura G

Rochester-based singer-songwriter Laura G has released her debut single Where the Wild Things Go on February 13th. The song talks about how Laura’s anxiety and childhood trauma plays a part in her life.

I think this is a good debut song for Laura but I think the production could showcase her vocals better. I wonder if the production was purposeful in curating an old-fashioned song. Either way, I like the song but definitely see room for improvement.

Vocal Loner

Birgitta Haller (Clap Your Hands)

Swedish-based singer-songwriter VOCAL LONER released her newest track 1976 on February 25th. Her previous tracks are gaining a lot of interest on Musosoup and VOCAL hopes to see similar success with this new single.

I appreciate the single and I believe the attention she’s getting from Musosoup curators is well deserved. On the other hand, just like every song, there’s some work to do – I believe some of her work should be focused on creating a crisper production.

Red Skies Mourning

Baltimore-based electronic pop producer and singer Red Skies Mourning came out with their newest release In The Moment on February 28th. The song is one of many releases due to come out throughout the year.

I don’t usually vibe with commercial pop music, but this sounds more like an electronic pop song to me and I would say the production needs some work. Overall, I like the song but I still would like to see an improvement in production.

Herbie Frame

EDM producer from Germany, Herbie Frame, came out with his debut single Last Dance on February 25th. The high quality release has a nice melody and flow to the song, with a hint of a classic sound.

This is undoubtably high quality and the production is just as good. This is probably my favorite song of this feature. I really like what I hear, that of the likes of Galantic and Flume. Expect to read more about Herbie in the future.

Elizabeth Luka

Latvian singer-songwriter came out with her newest release Why Won’t You on March 11th. The song is about discrimination from governmental decisions, limiting people’s freedom, rights and free will. The song was compassionately influenced by social justice movements like the Black Lives Matter movement.

Elizabeth’s beautiful vocals are, easily, the first thing I fell in love with in this song. I support, highly respect, and honestly have nothing bad to say about it. Overall, very good.

Mariya May

Portland based singer-songwriter came out with the newest single Made of Stars on August 26th, 2021. The song has a wide variety of influences ranging from the 60’s to the 90’s, making this single very unique.

The song exhibits a mix country rock and it’s got a heavy guitar presence, especially in the beginning of the song. I think this track is best listened to on a bright sunny day when you are sitting on your front porch.


Swedish-based indie pop band Sjoblom came out with their newest single Demons, featuring Anna Sjoden. The song highlights the demons that are presented in your mind in a calm and beautiful way.

I feel like synth rock is the new “country” genre of indie rock and I honestly don’t care if that doesn’t make any sense. As far as that genre goes, I love and fully appreciate the production. It may not be my favorite song of the bunch but I would say it’s up there.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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