Musosoup Features | March 2022 (4)

Sofia Dragt

Composer, producer, vocalist, and pianist Sofia Dragt of Netherlands has released her newest release Temporary Gold, on the 11th. The song is about the beauty of nature and how you need to enjoy it before it’s gone.

Temporary Gold by Sofia Dragt

Sofia’s voice is beautiful in this gem of a song and it reminds me a little of Amy Shark. Enjoying nature has always been important to humans, including me, and this song is a beautiful reminder. Next time you’re walking outside, trust me in saying you need to listen to this song.

Jordan Lucas

Singer-songwriter Jordan Lucas who currently lives in Denver came out with his newest release from his debut single Great Design on January 27th. His debut album mainly focuses on mental health, life experiences, and hopes for the future.

Great Design by Jordan Lucas

This song has a heavy nostalgic feel to it and the vocals are flawless. It kind of reminds me of Telemarkk, a musician I reviewed in the past, but it has more vocals. I enjoy this song and if you like 80’s style mixed with electronic pop, then you’d like this guy too.


Electronic pop duo from South London came out with their powerful self-titled debut EP today. The tracks embrace the exploration of a divided-self by capturing cognitive dissonance.

Rumara (SoundCloud)

I just finished watching the Hulu movie Deep Water and don’t worry, I won’t spoil it. But this EP perfectly emits the same emotion from that thriller. It’s dark, complex, but captivating. I enjoy these songs just as much as I enjoyed that Hulu thriller.

Carley Varley

Carley Varley
Photo credit: Charlie Anderson

Today, Bournemouth singer-songwriter released her final single from her Seasons EP, Shore. The ukulele driven pop song talks about working through a tough time in a relationship.

Shore by Carley Varley

Until now, I haven’t heard many sad ukulele songs. While I’d say it has an uplifting tone, it also touches on the unknowing feeling in the relationship. It has that perfect balance which I think is a great part about this song.


Elegant singer-songwriter Jewls has also released her newest song today, All I Want. The song has many different elements to it, including contemporary and artistic pop.

All I Want by Jewls

This complex dream pop song is definitely unique, as it is euphoric. I appreciate the vocals that are relaxing but also very different. I love the song but I just wish I had more words to describe what I like about it.

Kaylin Cervini

Rochester-based singer-songwriter Kaylin Cervini released her powerful newest single called Like a Girl just 15 minutes ago. The song is her way of coming out and the choir at the end features all LGBTQ singers.

Like a Girl by Kaylin Cervini

When I was in my senior year of high school, I had a friend who was a girl and in secret, dating another girl – She was terrified of her family finding out. One day she pulled me aside and admitted that she was bi-sexual. I was nothing but happy for her yet, I was confused why it had to be a big secret. Love is love, no matter what.

Thank you Kaylin for being so strong today.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator

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