Musosoup Features | May 2022 (2)

Lisa Curran

Kerry renowned artist Lisa Curran spans her music through different genres with a wealth of vocal experience. She is a vocal coach, music journalist, and mom to Christopher who is on the autism spectrum.

Milkshake Sky was recorded in London but the producers deemed Lisa to be “too fat” and that no one would support a mom. Soon after the release, the song peaked at #4 on iTunes Charts & #2 on Singer-Songwriter charts.

Lisa’s story behind Milkshake Sky isn’t the first of it’s kind, it’s like Elliot Lee‘s experience with an LA producer who said that people didn’t care about the lyrics in songs. The fact that producers judge a song by it’s cover is sickening, and the fact that it has so much success should make you want to put this song on repeat.

This song should appeal to fans of Jennalyn and Lucky Iris. To follow Lisa in her musical journey please feel free to follow and listen to the links below.

Alessandra Boldrini

Alessandra Boldrini
Photo Credit: Laura Dirtu and Dean Sherwood

London-based singer-songwriter Alessandra Boldrini is no stranger from TMM website, in fact a few weeks ago her newest song Holiday made an appearance in our New Music Spotlight. With an elegant blend of commercial and contemporary pop, her music has reached plenty of ears worldwide.

Holiday was written after coming out from a very low period of Boldrini’s life when she was struggling with her mental health. The song was written to remind her followers that tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Commercial pop doesn’t usually appeal to me that much, but the 80’s vibes from this song remind me of Dua Lipa’s brilliant sound. I love this mix that Alessandra brings to eclectic sound.

This song is great for fans of Faybee and Joy Kate. Please feel free to follow and listen to the links below if you enjoy Alessandra’s music.

Allie Lune

Brighton’s own Allie Lune blends a nice mix of contemporary pop and folk with bedroom pop. She has seen a lot of success with her first two singles, but aims to bring down the energy with her newest single.

Lu’s Lullaby is an oneiric, melancholy ballad that will grab your attention with beautifully soft vocals. Allie hope this song can move and bring a sense of home to whoever listen, and was written for her little sister.

In my opinion, this is Allie’s best song. Not saying that the other releases are horrible, I just think those releases were to bubbly for my taste. Acoustic indie pop songs are nice to listen to every once in a while, and I would like to hear more of these songs from Allie.

This song is great for fans of Shandel & Samuels and Molly. To explore the world of Allie Lune please feel free to press and listen to the links below.

Sydney Gordon

Rising NY pop star Sydney Gordon featured her third single on May 6th. Sydney finds most of her music success driven by her vocal power that came no surprise to her family history.

Too Close comes off her own independent label (Static Impulse Records), and is about almost falling in love with someone but not totally letting your gaurd down.

I honestly think this is the best of song of the bunch. It walks the line of dark pop and commercial pop so well that it sounds like it was made for the radio.

This song is great for fans of Salem Ilese and YVR. If you would like to follow Sydney’s journey into the music industry please follow and listen to the links below.

Cael Dadian

Cael Dadian
Photo Credit: Matt Brambila

San Diego based Cael Dadian is a dream pop and alternative pop singer-songwriter that has just released his newest single on the 6th.

This is Your Sign starts of slow with a multi-genre inspired first half, and ends with a more energetic poppier second half. This self-produced track is about urging someone to reach back out.

This song is almost a little psychedelic, and is very trippy sounding. I appreciate this masterpiece, and am really interested in what else Cael has to offer with future releases.

This is a unique song, so you will have to let me know what other artists you think of. Please like and follow the links below to stay up to date with Cael’s music journey.

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