Features | June 2022 (2)

Camila Knight

Camila Knight
Photo credit: Anna Svobodova

Barcelona-based Camila Knight is a contemporary pop singer-songwriter who produces Electronic Pop with emotive vocals and empowering lyrics. She has often been compared to resemble the likes of Adele and Sigrid.

On May 20th, Camila marked the beginning of her new chapter with her debut EP Uplifted. The new sound elegantly executes a crossover between Electropop and Alternative Pop.

Familiar Places by Camila Knight

I really like Camila’s eclectic sound and beautiful vocals. I think her voice is powerful and the guitar mixed into the Electropop tracks is really different and well mixed in.

I would compare her to the likes of Bjork and Joni Mitchell. If you would like to hear more by Camila, follow and like the links below.



Originally from Hungary, 17-year old Hannyta from the UK is a vocal EDM and commercial pop singer-songwriter. Having spent a lot of time in Florida, she has developed a love of all things American.

She released her newest pop single “Fluctuating” on May 21st. The single is about the battle between following your mind or heart.

Fluctuating by Hannyta

17-year old Hannyta has a good voice but I think as it matures, it will be even better. Overall, I am interested in how she grows sounds overtime. Expect to see Hannyta more in the future because I believe she has a lot of potential.

I would recommend her to fans of Nicole & Scotty and Hitha. If you would like to hear more, please follow and like the links below.



Los Angeles-based Jzzy is a pop-punk singer-songwriter who is taking the music industry by storm.

Jzzy’s newest single “After Effects” was released today and is a relatable moving song about letting go and soaring above your past inhibitions. The edgy single is guaranteed to comfort your inner child.

After Effects by Jzzy

I LOVE THESE AFTER EFFECTS! This is probably the biggest upcoming talent on Musosoup. I have seen talents similar to Jzzy before make it big and I wouldn’t be surprised if she followed suit.

If you are a fan of Leah Kate and KiNG MALA, then you would also fall in love with Jzzy. Follow and like the links below to support this amazing talent!


Photo credit: Samuel Python
Makeup: Eleara Salvati

Switzerland-based SYNEYE is an art pop and dark pop singer-songwriter/producer that lives with synesthesia, influencing her stage name and how she creates music. Electronic sounds appear beautiful to her and is why they are so prevalent in her music.

Her newest emotional single Red Wine was released on the 2nd. The song is based off her best friend’s life story, which was written with them while they drank red wine.

Red Wine by SYNEYE

This is an interesting piece of writing but I like the darkness behind the track. It has an unique feel to the song yet I struggle to pin-point why I like the track. But that’s a good thing when it comes to mixing styles such as art pop & dark pop.

I would recommend SYNEYE to fans of Harley Huke and other dark pop female singer – songwriters. If you would like to hear more, then follow and like the links below.


Photo credit: Collin Grant

Tulsa-based Polydrive is a bedroom and indie pop duo of brothers. The brothers have been making music together for almost 10 years.

They released their newest single “By My Side” today and it introduces a more refined sound that they are proud to have created. The song, like all of the others, is written, recorded, produced, and mixed from their bedroom studio.

By My Side by Polydrive

It’s been a long time since I have heard a proper alternative bedroom pop song and this track proves that to be a sad fact. I love this song and readers should expect to hear more from them on TMM.

I would compare them to the likes of Fintan McKahey and Skip Curtis. If you want to hear more, please feel free to follow and like the links below.

Curious Mind

Curious Mind

Eindhoven-based Curious Mind is a commercial vocal EDM and future based producer. He combines both emotions and melodies to create an uplifting production.

His newest single “To The Edge” was released on all platforms on the 6th. The song is about feeling of wanting someone so badly, it feels like everything around you is fading away.

To The Edge by Curious Mind

I was expecting to hear a commercial vocal dance song upon the first listen but what I experienced by the end was a well-produced EDM track. This is a gem and I think it’s going to do well whereever it is released. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would recommend fans of Nikademis and Dezabel to check this upcoming producer out. If you like what you hear, then follow and like the links below.

Jacob Rountree

Jacob Rountree
Photo credit: Rountree

Bozeman-based Jacob Rountree is an Alternative Indie Folk singer-songwriter. He offers a very dynamic sound with a passion.

He released his newest single “Vertigo” on June 5th, a single that brings equally as much passion and fullness in sound. This sound was voted Bozeman’s Choice Best Solo Artist.

Vertigo by Jacob Rountree

This hypnotic and diverse poetic song is a work of art. I enjoyed how the guitar was interlaced with soft vocals and I think this could be another rising star on Musosoup – If I were you, I’d keep a close eye on Jacob.

I would compare Jacob to the likes of Simon Alexander. If you want to follow Jacob and hear more, like and follow the links below.

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