Features | June 2022 (3)



Irish-based ZOiD is an electronic pop artist that mix alternative pop with dark pop and trip-hop. ZOiD has been releasing music since 2013.

On March 27th, ZOiD collaborated with Meljoann to create their sci-fi inspired release, Portal. The track is already ZOiD’s second most popular release on Spotify.

I don’t like the build to the song, it’s a little scattered. But the song definitely gets better after the first minute, even though there’s room for improvement.

I would recommend this songs to fans of Sylvan Esso, and Iman. If you enjoy ZOiD then make sure you follow and like them by clicking the links below.



Seattle-based EDM House producer and DJ, Mercerweav3., has always been in love with music even though it took awhile to be a fundamental part of her life. She is inspired by the likes of Slander, Zedd, and Deadmau5.

On March 20th, Mercerweav3. released her newest single, A Kiss Like This. The song is special to Mercerweav3. because it appeals to everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

My appreciation for mixing house and EDM has officially grown, and that is inspired by Mercerweav3 herself. Watch out for this upcoming dj, she’s a force to be recognized.

Mercerweav3. is great for fans of Nikademis, Leuthero, and many other DJ’s and music producers. Follow and like the links below if you enjoy listening to this absolute banger.


Photo credit: Jonathan McCrary

Portland-based EDM producer KITSUNE is a singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer. His main influences are Porter Robinson, Cidergirl, and Sumika.

On March 4th, KITSUNE released his debut track, Bakemono. The song alludes to his tendency to hide his face from the world using his various masks, and how there’s a monster hiding beneath.

I definitely hear the Porter influences in this song, but I also hear Droeloe and some techno in the song too. There’s no doubt in my mind this song would do good on Beatport and other platforms.

I would recommend this to fans of Hi3nd and other Asian inspired musicians. Click the links to follow and like KITSUNE.

Maya Yenn

Maya Yenn
Photo credit: James Langley

London-based Maya Yenn is a returning artist to the Minimalistic Music blog, and already garnered over 50k streams on Spotify alone. Despite her growing success, this rising artist has just begun and will be featured in something special later this year (more details to come).

Maya released her newest single, Better Luck Next Time, yesterday. The song talks about a young man that has prioritized his career over everything in his life, so much so that he tries to get a report out while his plane is crashing.

I am really impressed with Maya’s production, once again. Her sound and vocals are amazing once again, and there’s no doubt that she is an upcoming musician to watch or at the least keep on your radar.

I would compare Maya to the likes of Marian Hill and others like her. If you want to listen and follow her more, then click the links below.

Stay Illusion

Stay Illusion
Photo credit: Marcel Jordi

Bern-based Stay Illusion are made up of Grace Willis (vocals), Yvo Bronnimann (guitar), Joel Fahmi (bass), and Sandro Portner (drums). The band have already won multiple national band contests and been featured on multiple international radio stations.

Yesterday they released their newest track, Play Pretend. The song is inspired by child-like freedom and creativity, and is about feeling lost in a world of insecurities.

This super edgy song is probably my favorite alternative rock song I have heard in a while, I am definitely putting this song on my Spotify playlist! If you like this song, then I have a long list of others you’d like as this brings me back to the early 2000s.

I would totally recommend these guys to fans of Airborne Toxic Event, Holy Wars, and Phantogram. If you like what you hear then follow and like the links below.

Dom Malin

Dom Malin
Photo credit: Taylor Olson

Birmingham-based Dom Malin has built his life around music, acquiring his first electric guitar at the age of 12. Malin has proven himself as an undeniable talent, being featured on blogs and radio stations of all kinds.

On March 19th, Dom has released his newest single, Something Never Said. The song is based on the narration of lament and the uncertainty of recovery.

I can see the talent, and I can feel the emotion. It feels like there’s a powerful meaning to the song, and that intrigues me more than ever before. Dom I will be reaching out, because you’re quite talented. Great job with this song.

If you enjoy listening to James Arthur, Samuel Jack, and Simon Alexander, then you’d definitely like this rising talent. Click and like the links below to follow Dom’s musical journey.

Flossy Jones

Flossy Jones

Brighton-based Flossy Jones is a singer-songwriter and alternative pop artist. Flossy is inspired by the likes of Lana Del Ray, Sky Ferreira, and London Grammar.

On March 27th, Flossy released her newest single, 10 Minutes to Make You Love Me. The single is about getting what you want and doing anything within your power to get it.

I like this song a lot, and is the week for sure. I love the vocals and the production, and I consider this to be an early birthday present for me. Keep it up Flossy!

I would recommend Flossy Jones to fans of Mia Mormino. If you like what you hear, then like and follow the links below.

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