Sofia Gillani

Sofia Gillani


According to the Oxford Dictionary, a flame is a hot glowing body of ignited gas that is generated by something on fire. In Sofia’s newest song, that flame is fueled by words.

Words that symbolize that of obstacles can hold a person back from living their best life.

Most commonly nowadays, that obstacle can be the mind. Rather it is a pandemic or a chronic illness, human beings have successfully proved to the world in all ways that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

So whatever you’re struggling with at the moment, either it be big or small… Remember what others have overcome.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Sofia Gillani?
  3. Flames by Sofia Gillani Review
  4. What’s Next for Sofia Gillani?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Sofia Gillani?

London-based Sofia Gillani is a singer-songwriter that began her musical career at just 9 years old. Since 2020, she has released four songs, each followed by a music video.

She came out with her newest single “Flames” today. The song talks about eliminating the obstacles that come between you and your goals.

Flames by Sofia Gillani Review

Sofia’s voice kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga’s – It’s powerful but not overpowering. I like the flow of the song and think it’s got a lot of potential for airplay.

With all young musicians, I firmly believe there is room for improvement. Just as all young singer-songwriters, I’d like to see how her vocals change as Sofia matures her craft. I think this is a vital piece for this musician’s musical journey.

What’s Next for Sofia Gillani?

There is no known future releases for the moment but keep an eye out for this upcoming musician!

Follow and like the links to keep up to date with Sofia’s musical journey!

Thank You Notes

I would like to thank Sofia and her promoter Tapas for requesting me to do this review. I think Sofia has a really great future ahead of her, and I am excited to cover along the way.


Sofia Gillani


Thank you for reading. This is my first actual article in a very long time. I hope you enjoyed it!

Stay safe, and enjoy your weekend! If you’re in the states, Happy 4th of July!

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