Features | July 2022 (1)

Lily Wolfe

Lily Wolfe
Photo credits: Steve Edwin Photography

Lily Wolfe is a Brighton-based singer-songwriter that mixes acoustic folk with LoFi pop. She is inspired by the likes of Ashe, Laufey, and Hayley Williams.

On July 1st, she released her newest single, New Earth. The song was written in the first year of the pandemic, and was written to pay homage to her family and everything that was going on during that time.

Lily reminds me of Tessa Violet, her voice and style of LoFi pop definitely align with Tessa’s sound. New Earth is a perfect example of Lily’s comparison to Tessa. I like what she brings to the table, and am very interested to hear more.

I would recommend Lily’s music to fans of Tessa Violet, Sarabean, and Molly. If you enjoy what you hear, please feel free to like and follow the links below!


Photo credits: Alyson Fennel

Birmingham-based SAER is a synth-pop artist that has found attracted attention from across the music industry. At an early age, he was introduced to the likes of Nick Drakea and Jeff Buckley, by which he channels into his own influences today.

Sorry was released on Friday, and continues his synth pop sound. The song is a pensive piece about a couple in need of reparation.

The dark piano track starts off strong and gripping, and the video reminds me of Stranger Things. It definitely is an attention-grabbing work, and I hope it is not overlooked by anyone.

This track would be great for fans of Jarrod Jeremiah as well as The Coronas. If you enjoyed this track make sure you follow and like the links below.

Route 500

Route 500
Photo credit: Carlos Garcia

Brighton-based Route 500 are an independent project that is new to the music industry. The Illustrate life observations and dissociative states through their dynamic, lofi sound and compelling vocals.

On June 17th, Route 500 released their new single, Not Today. The song lives in moments you don’t want to engage with the world, and creates an menial distraction to steer clear of the mind.

The beginning starts like an Avid Dancer and Shakey Graves song. It is setting up like a song that is loaded with vocals and wise lyricism. The start definitely compliments every element throughout the song.

If you are a fan of Shakey Graves and Avid Dancer, then you would definitely like this song. If you do like what you hear then definitely.

Nick Kandler

Nick Kandler

Los Angeles-based Nick Kandler is an upcoming commercial and rock pop singer-songwriter. He has been previously covered on The Minimalistic Music Blog.

On June 17th, Nick released his newest single Kill You Slowly. The song is inspired by the song All Your Exes by Julia Michaels, and he wanted to take the concept of the song and make it into something that he didn’t feel has been in that way.

Nick has been covered on TMM before, and this song is a perfect example of why he was and will be in the future. Nick definitely achieved his goal in this song, and with his talent there’s no doubt he can’t do the same for future songs.

If you are fans of basically any modern alternative rock singer-songwriter, then you’d like Nick’s music too but will find it to be a little different. If you like what you hear, then follow and like the links below.

Francesca Guerra

Francesca Guerra

London-based Francesca Guerra is a singer-songwriter that began her journey into the music industry in Rome. She is inspired by artists like Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and Biig Piig.

On June 24th, Francesca released her newest single Pathetic. The track expresses the internal fight between self-love and hatred, when the mind feels like a complex machine and sometimes feels impossible to fully understand.

This is a fascinating piece of music, and is definitely not pathetic. It walks the fine of self-sabotaging and loving oneself. I appreciate and love this song, bravo Francesca.

This song is perfect for fans of Maggie Andrew, and Dani Kristina. If you like what you hear, then follow and like the links below.

Daniel Steer

Daniel Steer
Photo credit: Deviant Art

New Zealand-based Daniel Steer is a singer-songwriter that is best known as the front man of rock band Reigning Days. He has headlined stages and festivals internationally, including Glastonbury and The Great Escape.

On July 1st, Daniel came out with his debut single Rebel. The song was recorded at Abbey Road in London, and released by MBM Music.

Daniel has great indie pop and rock edge to this song, it is a very intriguing sound. Very solid track may I say, production and all around a pleasure to cover it.

I would recommend my CLEOPATRICK friends to check this one out, and whoever likes modern rock and indie pop. If you enjoy this song, then please feel free to like and follow the links below.

Kelley Cole

Kelley Cole
Photo credit: Audrey Bergeron

Alt pop Kelley Cole from Nashville is a producer and live sound engineer. She is inspired by topics like infatuation, independence, and transformation.

On July 1st, Kelley released her newest single called Fantasy. The single is a jab at the sloppiness of the male dating pool.

I love the production and message to this song, it’s about valuing oneself, and that’s a very relatable and relevant topic. I would like to see Kelley on the same stage as Leah Kate and other powerful female vocalists of the likes.

I would recommend Kelley to fans of Leah Kate, Joy Kate, and others. If you enjoy this single like I do, then follow and like the links below to follow her on her musical journey.

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