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Catherine Elms


As a songwriter, writing a moving song is easy. You don’t need to practice, but you need a lot of emotional energy. This in itself is ignored in today’s music industry.

The hard part, a step I have yet to take, is producing and releasing that piece of work. It consumes more energy than I can imagine.

In her new song, Monday Eyes, Catherine Elms has taken this emotional path by writing and then releasing something so personal to them. This should be respected, and it should not be neglected.

Who is Catherine Elms?

Catherine Elms is a dark pop singer-songwriter who combines intense ferocity with softly-defined edges. She’s inspired by the raw and heartfelt emotion of Tori Amos, and the power of Amanda Palmer.

On August 5th, Catherine came out with her song Monday Eyes. Written in the course of a quarter-life crisis, she tried to decide what to do with her life. It’s a story of working hard to find success, and then realizing success is decided by our own means.

Monday Eyes by Catherine Elms Review

I truly love the raw emotions in this song and the narrative as well. A bit different from the other songs like Fire Song and Frustrations, it is less intense and more intimate.

I feel like writing this song may have been easy for Catherine, but producing and releasing was hard to an extent. I think this is in itself commendable, and making it a beautiful piano song is talented and even more admirable.

Monday Eyes by Catherine Elms

What’s Next for Catherine Elms?

The future is unknown at the moment, but we don’t expect it to be permanent for Catherine. Keep an eye on future editions!

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Catherine for requesting this review, which I was pleased to do. If you like what you hear, don’t be afraid to follow and like the links below.


Catherine Elms


I hope you enjoyed the article and enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and follow the local health guidelines. And most of all, please treat others the way they want to be treated.

Monday Eyes by Catherine Elms

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