Tommy Newport | Tongue & Cheek

Tommy Newport
Brighton Music Hall (7.9.2022)


If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Tommy Newport, you can tell he is funny and easy-going. He likes to laugh and enjoys making others laugh too.

Everybody needs someone like that in life, and Tommy is one of those people.

I’m not just saying this to please him. I’m saying this because he was either laughing or smiling 95% of the time I spent with him. He’s just a kind person.

Tongue & Cheek is about that lifestyle, not taking life too seriously. In my opinion, this single is even about his personality as well.

Table of Contents

  1. Editorial
  2. Who is Tommy Newport?
  3. Tongue & Cheek by Tommy Newport Review
  4. What’s Next for Tommy Newport?
  5. Thank You Notes
  6. Links
  7. Conclusion

Who is Tommy Newport?

Born in Manchester (UK), Tommy Newport settled in Kansas when he was young. He then picked up the guitar and taught himself how to produce music on his computer. Over time, he created a funky and psychedelic pop style inspired by early-2000’s bands like MGMT, The Killers, and Phoenix.

Since then, Tommy has received musical placements on shows like Search Party, Ballers, Expecting Amy, an Apple iPad commercial, and What/If. He has recently released his newest single, Tongue & Cheek, which has garnered over 60k plays on YouTube since its release a month ago.

Tongue & Cheek by Tommy Newport Review

You will find Tommy Newport’s sound somewhere between Cage The Elephant and the early Arctic Monkeys. A happy place that is just above the clouds and just below the airplanes is where you will find the piece of mind in Tongue & Cheek. You will be expected to be quietly at peace with everything and anything you have or will go through in your life.

That’s not an introduction to a story. It’s just how this song makes you feel.

Tongue & Cheek by Tommy Newport

What’s Next for Tommy Newport?

Recuperating from his tour with Lime Cordiale, there are no known releases yet for Tommy. But keep an eye on his socials, provided below.

Thank You Notes

I want to thank Lydia Reed for requesting this review on behalf of Tommy Newport. I would also like to thank Tommy and his manager Geoff for being so lovely when I met them at Brighton Music Hall in July.


Tommy Newport


Stay safe out there, and respect each other. I am so grateful that I finally got around to this article; I have been busy lately, so I expect more to come soon!

Tommy Newport

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