Features | September 2022 (2)


ACTRESE is a London-based indie pop singer-songwriter. She draws influence from artists like Lana Del Ray, The xx, Ben Howard, and others of the likes.

On September 16th, she released her newest single Vivid But Vague. The newest release is about the inspiring anxieties of a more complex experience.

When listening to the song, it comes off strong with criticizing critics that are downplaying the creativity in her music. The song in general is a bold piece of work, and I love it. Everyone creates in their own way, and as a critic I highly respect ACTRESE for calling out those people who are seemingly against doing that.

I would recommend ACTRESE to fans of Lana Del Ray and other modern indie pop artists of the likes. If you like what you hear, then make sure to follow and like the links below!

Kills Across The River

Kills Across the River
Photo credit: Kurtis Mayo

Kills Across the River is a Tacoma-based alternative indie rock band. They are a new four-piece band made up of Amber Bighorse (vocals), Doug Mackey (drums and percussion), and RJ Morgan (electric guitar and bass).

On September 9th, they released their debut album Mutt. Named after Bighorse’s late father, the album narrates anthems that are written by Bighorse as a way to let out guilt and pain but also joy.

I love Amber’s vocals, and the rawness in all of the songs that she has released in this stunning album. The acoustics are well produced, and the band should be proud of this album. I’m looking forward to hearing more. My favorite tracks are She Had Her Hand Up and Good One.

If you enjoy listening to musicians like Paragon Cause, and basically any 90’s indie rock band then you would also enjoy this album as well. If you would like to keep tabs on this upcoming band, then like and follow the links below.

Wylam Dene

Wylam Dene is a Leeds-based alternative folk singer-songwriter that mixes indie pop with contemporary pop. He is mainly inspired by artists like Ben Howard, Passenger, Hollow Coves, and David Gray.

Let Go was released September 8th, and is his newest release. Like most of his songs, the new single is inspired by life and family.

The song very much reminds me of listening to a Ben Howard song, and especially with the eerie feeling. It is a hard lesson to let go of something you love, but this song will definitely help you with that pain.

I would recommend this song to fans of Ben Howard, and other musicians of the likes. If you like what you hear too, then like and follow the links below.

Jay Moussa-Mann

Photo Credit: Jay Moussa-Mann

Jay Moussa-Mann is an English singer-songwriter who explores themes of love and belonging in her music, writing songs as though it were a scene in a movie. Jay has previously been reviewed on TMM before, and that article can be found here.

War was her latest release, and it was released on March 4th. It is about everyday silent rivalries and intrigues we face in ordinary situations.

This is so far Jay’s best work, the vocals are even better and so is the production. The video is intriguing, but there feels like something more is coming. I’m excited to hear and see more by Jay in the near future.

I would compare Jay to artists like Sylvan Esso, and other artists of the likes. If you like what you hear, certainly like and follow the links below!

Milena Galasso

Milena Galasso
Photo credits: Valere Kissi, louilel525, The Meyers Studio

Milena Galasso is a London-based singer-songwriter that is influenced by her Italian/Serbian heritage. She is inspired by the likes of Justin Bieber and Tate McRae.

On September 9th, Milena came out with her newest single Summerstorm. The song is influenced by a mix of OneRepublic and Elisa, as a moody ode to summer loves and thunderstorms.

Milena’s vocals are powerful and riveting, and I can definitely hear this song on an acoustic playlist. I would love to hear more like this from Milena in the future.

I would recommend Milena to fans of Elisa and other female singer-songwriters of the modern day. If you like Milena, why not like and follow the links below?!

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