Features | October 2022


Photo credit: Snorri Hertervig

Gudfinnur is a Reykjavik-based singer-songwriter who mixes contemporary pop with nostalgic and relaxing pop. Except for a few instruments, Gudfinnur plays mostly all of his recorded instruments.

On the 19th of September, he released the first of two singles, Everywhere I Go, which is a part of his debut album, You. The song is piano based but driven by a French horn and trombone played by producer Bergur Thorisson (Bjork’s musical director).

The song is so haunting and beautiful, and I think it’s about a broken heart. The only criticism is that I wish I knew what the song was about; it’s got a beautiful production, and nothing about it is flawed. I just am dying to know what it’s about.

I would compare this artist to the likes of Make Like a Tree, and a little bit of Bjork. If you would like to hear more, then make sure you like and follow his links below.

Virginia Marcs

Virginia Marcs
Photo credit: Sabrina Asch

Virginia Marcs is an indie pop singer-songwriter that delivers siren vocals with raw story-telling. She has been compared to Tori Amos, Daughter, Marissa Nadler, and Jeff Buckley.

On September 16th, she released her debut release, This Time. The song is an irreverent anthem of reclamation and introduces the theme of her upcoming Reckoning EP.

I also love this song’s production; it is solid and robust. The music is not too overpowerful, though, and that’s where her voice seems to drive the song. I am interested in hearing more from Virginia.

I would compare Virginia’s music to Olivia Castriota and Jeff Buckley. If you like what you hear, definitely like and follow the links below.

Blair West

New York-based Blair West is a singer-songwriter who has garnered over 50k streams on her first single on Spotify. She is compared to Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, and Jewel.

On September 16th, Blair released her 2nd track called Rabbit Holes. The song is a love song for her fiance, which was relatable with something special mixed.

Rabbit Holes is a lovely spin on a commercial pop love song, and it’s admirably spoken of her fiance but also pessimistic in a way. I hope I find someone I’d hate to lose someday.

I would compare Blair to musicians like Tori Amos, Bree Lefler, and other soft pop musicians. If you like what you hear, then definitely click the links below and follow and like her.

Emily Gray

Spanish singer-songwriter Emily Gray has been consistently growing and refining her musical style throughout her ten years of experience in writing and performing. Her distinctive brit-folk/singer-songwriter style enraptures listeners to recognize her music easily.

On September 9th, Emily’s newest single, England, was released. The song explores the pain of homesickness and the conflicting feelings of returning home after many years.

I love the production of both the song and video, and it is a perfect depiction of what homesickness is. The COVID-19 pandemic was brutal for everyone, and this song perfectly explains to future generations why that is.

I would compare Emily to the likes of SKIES and other Britain musicians of the taste. If you also like what you hear, then like and follow the links below.

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