Features | October 2022 (2)


Scandinavian-duo Megafon combines their love for dream pop and electronic pop to create their own sound. The duo is made up of Marte Schau (vocals, keys, and accordion) and Mikael Fleron (beats, sax, and keys) who have been making music together since 2008.

On the 7th, Megafon came out with their song Not At All Worried. The experimental and fun sound in the song will make you dance and sway, breathe and smile throughout the entire song.

The song takes you on an eclectic wave of sound, topped by Marte’s beautiful vocals. I think of Avatar when listening to the song, and the different feelings, and aromas you get from the movie.

I would suggest this song to fans of Purity Ring and Sylvan Esso. If you enjoy what you hear, then definitely follow and like the links below to stay up to date with their musical journey!


Photo credit: Sonya Jasinski

T.I.G.Y. is a dream pop duo from the UK and is influenced by the imagination of Bailey Tzuke. They have previously had worldwide success with their hit single Uninvited.

On the 7th, they came out with their newest release, World Full of Want. The song is their 6th release from their debut album in the past week.

I feel like I’ve heard this song on the radio, but I guess that’s how radio-friendly the song is. I really like the introduction and how it flows into the rest of the song. It’s an overall well-produced song and I am fascinated to see where they go from here.

If you’re a fan of any modern pop artist, then you’d definitely enjoy this song. If you like the song then why not follow and like the links below?

Brendan Cope

Brendan Cope
Photo credit: Brendan Cope

Portland-based Brendan Cope is an electronic and alternative pop singer-songwriter. Brendan is a fresh face in the world of music and is looking to make his very own splash.

On the 7th, he released his debut album If Now We Are In Pieces. The album takes influences that span from James Blake to instrumentalists that span multiple genres. The album crafts a story of his struggles with depression and ways he’s coming into his own to help process his sadness.

I hear a heavier influence of Alt-J and Ry X in Brendan’s tracks, especially in Falling in Love. The whole album is intriguing and eclectic, and I am interested in seeing where Brendan takes it from here. Other great songs from the album include I’ll Be Around, Detour, Nothing I Have, and Fear.

I would suggest this album to fans of Alt-J and James Blake. If you like what you hear, then I recommend you follow and like the links below.

Napier Days

Napier Days is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter who mixes alternative rock with indie and rock-pop elements. They are also new to the music industry and are also looking to make their own splash.

On December 27th (2021), they released their first single, The Sea. The song is an attempt to deal with the different perspectives of a moment in life.

I get a ballad sense from the song, but also a big nostalgic feeling from the song as well. It has many sides to the song, and I feel it is more complex then it sounds. Especially the music video.

I would share this song with fans of JR August, Dutch Criminal Record, and other story-telling like modern musicians of today. If you like what you hear then follow and like the links below.

Taylor B-W

Taylor B-W
Photo credit: Ellie Meads

Sydney-based Taylor B-W is a singer-songwriter who mixes alternative with rock-pop elements. Taylor is a qualified zookeeper and advocates for wildlife conservation and the fight against climate change, Taylor donates all of her song’s profits to WWF Australia.

Taylor’s latest single, Last Child, came out on the 6th. The song is a very special song to Taylor and is a passionate plea for change against the climate crisis. This comes after her well-received debut EP BTW TBW, which already has 300k+ streams on Spotify within its first month.

The video is breathtaking. I love this product in general. I would like to see what else Taylor plans to talk about in her music. I imagine that the climate crisis is a bigger topic than what is portrayed in this song and video.

I would suggest this song to whoever is passionate about the climate crisis. If you like what you hear, then go ahead and follow and like the links below.

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