Features | October 2022 (3)

Coconut Shy

Coconut Shy
Photo credit: Conor Herbert

Melbourne native Coconut Shy is a singer-songwriter who mixes indie and alternative folk. Coconut is inspired by the likes of James Taylor, Marc Cohn, Jeff Buckley, and Dire Straits.

On October 14th, he released his newest single Water, Water. Despite a very detailed lyrical story, the song came from the idea of a cliche life lesson about moving on from the past.

I love Coconut’s voice, and definitely hear the similarities with James Taylor and other similar singers. In my opinion, the lyrics are a bit on the repetitive side, but the song overall is well put together.

I would recommend this song to fans of James Taylor, Simon Alexander, and other modern singers. If you would like to hear more then like and follow the links below.

Good Childhood

Good Childhood
Photo credit: Georgie Hewi

London-based Good Childhood is an indie folk pop band that mixes alternative folk with contemporary pop. They are inspired by the likes of The Cure, Joni Mitchell, and Daughter.

Also on October 14th, they released their newest single Violet. The song tells the story of a flawed couple planning a family and charts their insecurities from the start of their relationship. They then hope to have a kid who they hope will fix their problems.

The song sounds like a reflection of a young woman who wants a lovely child, a little different than what the song was projected to be. I believe this description is more relatable, but whatever the song is about I want my kid to be like Violet. Especially the one in the video.

If you enjoy musicians like Jay Moussa-Mann, Molly, and other female singer-songwriters then you would definitely like Good Childhood. If you like what you hear, then feel free to like and follow the links below.

sam marke

sam marke
Photo credit: mccabe slye

Long Beach native sam marke is a singer-songwriter who mixes contemporary pop with relaxing pop. Sam is autistic, and tends to write about things that happened and are happening in his life.

On September 23rd, Sam came out with his debut single Burden to Bear. The song is about his personal experience of being autistic and the struggles of being misunderstood.

I would like to know Sam’s influences because I hear a lot. I hear a mix of a few pop singers like Nightly and a little bit of Christian French. I want to support Sam as much as possible, and I hope you do too so make sure you listen to the song.

If you a fan of modern pop singer-songwriters, then you would definitely like Sam’s music. If you like what Sam is doing, then make sure you follow and like the links below.

Burton Badman

Burton Badman
Photo credit: Daniel Bar On

Tel Aviv natives Burton Badman is an alternative rock band that mixes indie rock with classic and anthemic rock. The musicians are heavily inspired by 90’s rock bands.

On October 7th, Burton came out with their newest single Fields of Confusion. The song is an intense journey into the deepest and darkest traumas that we carry with us throughout our lives.

This song screams Royal Blood all over it, its sound is so much like them and it’s the first thing I thought of when hearing it. I love this song and really have no criticism whatsoever about it. It’s a solid song and should pave the way for other modern classic rock bands.

If you like Royal Blood then you would love this song as much as I do. And if you like what you hear then make sure you like and follow the links below.

Carley Varley

Carley Varley
Photo credit: Rachel DiBiaso (Clash Creates)

Bournemouth-based Carley Varley is a singer-songwriter who mixes alternative rock with alternative pop and pop rock. She is currently looking to release music that is based on what genres she’s always been interested in throughout her life so far.

Carley recently released her newest single Better Without Me on October 7th. The song is heavily inspired by Linkin Park and Paramore and is mainly for an audience who feels angry and betrayed.

This production reminds me of Bree Lefler, who I haven’t heard from for a while… But I like this song! It’s gritty and grungy, but not overwhelmingly. I would love to hear more from Carley.

If you’re a fan of Bree Lefler, then you would totally love this song. If you like what you hear then make sure you like and follow the links below.

Ollie Borelius

Swedish-based Olle Borelius is a dream pop and indie folk singer-songwriter. He writes songs that are honest and a bit self-therapeutic.

On September 23rd, he released his newest song Body of Mine. The song is about the challenges of growing up and not being able to love your appearance.

This song is like what John Mayer would sound like if he was the main singer of Radiohead, a beautifully constructed honest piece of dream pop work. It is different and very intriguing and I would love to hear more of it.

If you’re a fan of Radiohead and other musicians of the like then you’d like Olle too. If you like what you hear then definitely follow and like the links below.

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