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You see it all over Nightly Gathering’s socials; he’s playing shows across the Pacific coastline. With support from artists such as Shallou, Manila Killa, and Slow Magic.

He’s a freak. We love him. And if you’re reading this, you probably love him as well.

But it wasn’t always like this, I can imagine. It was more challenging for him to smile.

I won’t pretend to know Connor that well enough to say how hard the hard days were for him. I won’t pretend to know anyone I have never met before.

But all I can say is he’s living his best life, and I love it because I can tell when someone is healing.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • Who is Nightly Gatherings?
  • New Beginnings by Nightly Gatherings Review
  • What’s Next for Nightly Gatherings?
  • Thank You Notes
  • Links
  • Conclusion

Who is Nightly Gatherings?

California-based Nightly Gatherings is the workings of songwriter, producer, and vocalist Connor Johnson. He has been producing under his current alias for almost two years, and his main influences are Porter Robinson, Bon Iver, Jai Wolf, Madeon, and The 1975.

On November 11th, Nightly Gatherings released his newest single, New Beginnings. This track is the second single from his sophomore album, Don’t Worry. The song celebrates the many personal victories around bettering himself and processing what happened in the past.

New Beginnings by Nightly Gatherings Review

The song feels outer-worldly, almost like something you’d hear from a Porter Robinson song. I like how Connor integrated more of his vocals into the 7music, and I hope to listen to this space effect and his lyrics in the album as well.

I recommend this song to fans of Porter Robinson and maybe even Illenium on some level. If you like the music, please share it with others and save it on your favorite streaming platform.

What’s Next for Nightly Gatherings?

While his first album focused on nature and his favorite genres as things that helped him through the pandemic. Don’t Worry will be focused on daily relationships, mainly with friends he spends more time with as the pandemic comes to a close, along with focusing his time on bettering himself.

The release date for this second anticipated album is private at the moment.

Thank You Notes

I want to thank my friend Connor Johnson for making this article happen; this won’t be the last one. Readers should expect an article to be written once Don’t Worry is released!


Nightly Gatherings


Please stay safe out there, and remember to respect everyone. Also, remember to respect public health guidelines. If you haven’t already, please share and like this article.

One thought on “Nightly Gatherings | New Beginnings

  1. Hey you got a “like” button there now on this piece! Nice. Wasn’t able to do that on other ones before. Man, a ton of great stuff came out on the 11th. Circling back to this one to add to my daily release playlists.


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