Features | November 2022 (3)

Fat Cat Affair

London-based Fat Cat is a singer-songwriter who mixes soft rock with pop and easy-listening love songs. He is a multi-instrumentalist that features artists with every track he releases.

On November 11th, Fat Cat released his newest song, Up At Dawn. Clay Agnew was featured in the music as the vocalist and producer of this track.

I love what this cat is doing for independent musicians, and I also dig the vibe in this track. The song is smooth and mellow, precisely what I would like in a low-key love song. The only question I have about this song is what is next because I am intrigued to hear it.

If you’re a modern or 90’s soft rock fan, then you would love this track and its vibe. If you like what you hear, then please like and follow the links below.

Brian Strand

Brian Strand
Photo credit: John Stricker

Sacramento-based Brian Strand is a folk singer-songwriter that plays easy-listening music. He has various influences, including Elliot Smith, AJR, Twenty One Pilots, and Foster the People.

On October 19th, Brian released his newest single, To Build a Home. The song covers The Cinematic Orchestra’s hit song and replaces its piano-driven melody with an acoustic guitar and other exciting approaches.

The vocals are the first thing that stuck out to me, and an indie singer-songwriter does it well. This song is a great cover version, but then again, I have never heard the original and will now have to listen. The high notes could use a little work, but overall well produced.

If you’re a fan of Lighthouse and other acoustic singer-songwriters, you would definitely like this song. If you enjoy what you hear, then please leave a like and follow the links below.


Photo credit: Andy Denyer

London-based Jewelia is a singer-songwriter who mixes folk with folk-pop music. She has garnered 1.2 million views on YouTube and 20k monthly listeners on Spotify.

On November 25th, she released her newest single, The Comfort of Falling. The song was inspired by the fig tree metaphor in Sylvia Plath’s classic novel The Bell Jar and is about growing up and the choices we’ve made in the past.

If you can’t tell by now, the theme for this week is low-key soft rock. Well, this is yet another one! I love this one personally because of the vocal accent of the song. I can see a future for Jewelia’s musical journey and am more than happy to be to follow it.

If you’re a fan of Natalie Shay and others, you will dig this track. Please leave a like and follow below to hear more from Jewelia!

Darren Mason

London-based Darren Mason is an art pop singer-songwriter who mixes contemporary pop with dark pop music. Darren has garnered over 30k streams on You Reap What You Sow, and close to 25k streams on I Need You on Spotify alone.

On December 9th, Darren will release his newest single, Price, on all platforms. This dark pop song explores the concept of looking in the mirror and self-obsession, seeking beauty in the unreality of life.

Accented lyrics are a sweet spot for me, and Price is an example of my particular taste. I like the song’s flow and want to hear more from Darren.

I would recommend Darren to any modern-day UK singer-songwriter fans. If you want to hear more, please leave a like and follow below!

Dom Malin

Birmingham-based Dom Malin is a singer-songwriter who mixes folk pop with folk love songs. He has been covered before on this website; please search his name for more information!

On October 18th, he collaborated with German/Spanish artist Luna Keller to release their newest single Overgrown. The song is a metaphor for losing someone close to you, and while it never feels the same, they leave you with fond memories of your shared times.

I love this collaborative single and would love to hear more from them. The folk and bluegrass roots in this song add to the song’s complexity, and the vocals highlight the best part of the metaphorically written song. I like the production as a whole.

You will enjoy this track if you’re a fan of Delta Spirit and any modern folk artists. Please leave a like and follow below to follow their journeys!

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