Adolf Slizzy : Music Review

Ultimately, most artists do not seem as if they are true to what they make songs about. Some seem to just only make music for entertainment purposes only. Which is part of it. Then we come across artists like Adolf Slizzy better known as itz.Dolf. This emcee is filled with versatile content. His content will…… Continue reading Adolf Slizzy : Music Review

Alpha Visionz Presents “Road to Freedom” EP !!

Well versed, Alpha appeals to many. Most people have a story to tell. The story of Alpha will have you on a roller coaster of feelings. The obstacles Alpha has experienced, gives the world such songs as “No Fear” and “Plain Jane”, songs on different spectrums of creativity. This is why Alpha should be apart…… Continue reading Alpha Visionz Presents “Road to Freedom” EP !!

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